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fifa 20 reveal at E3

Expected to be released on September 27th of this year, FIFA 20 is the one game that will have EA SPORTS on a money roll! On the 8th of June, EA SPORTS showed the official trailer for FIFA 20 and there were a lot of takebacks, the most noticeable being the return of street football for the first time since 2012 with the Volta Football mode.

Yes, FIFA is going back to the streets, a much-needed addition which has garnered a lot of praise. Players will have the chance to play live street football again, although not as a full game. But it is a very deep mode involving awesome customization options and lots of ways to play.

FIFA 20 reveal

The mix of the Volta football mode with the normal gameplay, rather than it being a separate game, like before, is an area where EA truly deserves praise, along with the fact that women and men can finally share the pitch. Plus the mode gives you the opportunity to customize your character and play in the coolest spaces all around the world, while offering a 3v3 and 5v5 playing format.

Also, another area which EA states has been improved are the graphics and the user interface of FIFA 20 generally. This will be very interesting to see as they have stated that FIFA 20 comes with a smarter AI helping ball trajectory, as well as set piece takes with much deeper options for aiming and curving the ball, giving the game a more realistic flow.


Among the new gameplay mechanics, we have more accurate shooting and controller tackling, which lets players have greater control over tackle animations through the active touch system. Then we have strafe dribbling, giving players the freedom to be more agile and enhanced while attacking, as well as new ball physics, increasing the overall realism in ball spins, touches and bounces of the ball.

fifa 20 new info

While the official release date for FIFA 20 remains September 27th, EA has stated that there will be early access to the game on September 19th for both PS4 players and EA access members. As the FIFA franchise takes players back to the street, one can say that FIFA 20 is indeed a game to look out for in late 2019.

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