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The countdown to FIFA eWorld cup 2020 has just begun. EA Sports has announced today that the FIFA 2020 Global Series registration is on. The new season will have a similar structure to the 2019 season where each event will provide players with the opportunity to earn Global Series Points. These points are needed to qualify for the eWorld Cup. The top 16 from each console, Xbox and Playstation, will earn a place at Worlds next year.

What does FIFA 2020 Global Series Registration Look Like?

EA Sports has laid down the process involving earning FIFA 2020 Global Series Ranking Points. First up, one must become FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions – verified – and second, has applied for registration either during October this year or middle of January next year. Additionally, a player will need to earn 27 or more wins in one weekend in FUT Champions Weekend League before February 3rd, 2020 to be eligible to appear on Global Series Ranking Points.

There will be online qualifier tournaments and this season will feature six FUT Champions Cups events. Three of these will be hosted in Bucharest with the remaining three to be revealed soon. The FUT Champions Cup for the 2020 season will include a $200,000 dollar prize pool each! 32 players per console platform with the winner to take home 2000 Global Series Points and $50,000. Flights, accommodations, transportation for all players during the events will be taken care of.

The FIFA 20 season will also see an introduction of Global Series Masters. The top four players of every FUT Champions Cup will be honoured with the title of Cup Master. Additionally, they will receive immediate qualification to the next FUT Champs Cup.

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In addition to these, there will be a friendly competition game mode in the online qualifiers for FUT Champs Cup and some events which can only be accessed when verified. A major change in the 2020 season is the reduction of Licensed Qualifying Events (LQEs). There will be only one during this season which will be a Playstation 4 exclusive. The winner takes home 850 Global Series Points.

FIFA Global Series 2020

The FIFA 2020 Global Series is ON!

EA Sports also announced that it shall be expanding its league program to reach players in more countries. Each of the leagues will have their own schedule and there will also be the return of eChampions League. Some other events might also happen with all leading to the Global Series Playoffs, and, eventually the eWorld Cup. There is also the addition of Ecuador, Egypt, Uruguay, and Vietnam to the list of eligible countries of residence for FUT Champions verified players.

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The 2020 season will be an exciting one to watch as there have been a lot of player transfers. Even the eWorld Cup champion of 2019, Mo AUba has parted ways with his former team. A handful of pros will also be looking for a shot at redeeming their horrible ending to the 2019 season so its a season of hope, excitement and surprise!

Who do you think has the biggest chance of winning the FIFA 2020 Global Series tournament? Let us know in the comments below!

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