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MoAuba wins FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

Now that the FIFA eWorld cup 2019 has come and gone, let’s take a look back at this eventful and mind-blowing tournament. This event saw a whole lot of football players, men and women on the scene, including Manchester United’s new signing Aaron Wan Bissaka and amazing broadcasters and interviewers from around the world. If there was one word to describe the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, it would be “Surprising”. The legendary O2 Arena in London was filled with breathtaking scenes, raw emotion and passion as the best 32 FIFA gamers from around the world battled it out for the title of World FIFA Champion 2019.

Day 1 – The Beginning of The End

It started on the 2nd of August and ended with a big bang on the 4th. The 3-day event began with a kickoff in the group stages as the payers were already divided into 4 groups, from letters A-D. Each console had their own group as F2tekkz lead the way in Group A and Msdossary Group B. The PS4 category had Vitality’s Maestro and Nicolas the Ice Man as their leaders.

After 5 rounds of matches in each group, Msdossary was sitting comfortably, well actually, more than comfortably at the top as he was the only person to have qualified on the first day to the knockouts. This was the complete opposite for PS4’s number 1, Nicolas, who found himself with the worst start any pro could ever imagine, he had lost 3 games in a row and considering the fierce race in his group, he needed to win his next 4 games to have a shot at knockouts. No one would have imagined Nicolas to be in a struggle like this, but even though he was down, he was certainly not out as he won the last 2 games of the first day leaving him with a chance to fight on Day 2.

In Group A which was Tekkz’s group, Faze Clan’s player ‘Tass’ was the one on whom the spotlight shone as he won his first 2 games one of which was against Tekkz the number 1 Xbox player in the world. As for Mo Auba in the other PS4 group, it was a fantastic day at the office too as he was in cruise control of the group although other players performed well too.

Day 3 – A Day of Heartbreaks and Triumphs

F2tekkz at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

A shock to everyone – F2tekkz lost in the Group Stages

Day 2 was a very busy day as it hosted the last 2 matches of the Group Stage, the Knockout Stage, the Quarter Finals and the Semi Finals. This day was full of heartbreaks with the first shock coming in Group A when F2tekkz, the world number 1 Xbox player who had won a ton of tournaments this season placed 5th, which wasn’t enough to qualify to the Round of 16. F2tekkz wasn’t the only pro to fall though – The French pro ‘Daxe’ who was the eNations Cup winner earlier this year, was also eliminated, while the same happened with Dullenmike who placed 6th.

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It was, however, a day of triumphs too, with esports organization Rogue who saw not one, not two, but three of their players go through to the Round of 16 and even the Quarter Finals, while the iceman – Nicolas survived a Group Stage scare and made it all the way to the Quarter Finals as well.

So it was now down to the last 8 which consisted of Nicolas, Mo Auba, and Ustin, Vitality’s Maestro and Rafsou, and Rogue’s Msdossary, Goalmachine and NRaseck. The 3 Rogue players were reduced to one in the Semifinals, with only Msdossary surviving the Quarterfinals. Team Vitality’s Rasfou came through as well.

With the Quater Finals ending, the Xbox Semi-Finals saw Rogue go against Vitality and once again, Msdossary showed why he is the king of the jungle by coming out victorious in a keenly contested game. As for the PS4 side of things, the semi-finals were between the German, MoAuba and the Argentinean, Nicolas, with MoAuba making a statement to become the only German out of the 5 who had taken part in the competition, to quality for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Final.

Day 3 – FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Victor Crowned

FIFA 19 World Champion MoAuba

FIFA 19 World Champion MoAuba

So Day 3 finally came and it was the day the whole season had been building up to, the day every FIFA pro-gamer had been dreaming of since the kick-off last year. For Msdossary, the chance of cementing his legacy on the grandest of all stages and becoming a back-to-back world champion was right before him. While MoAuba representing the best of Germany, was keen on causing an upset.

After a hard fought match that was worthy of a final, MoAuba emerged victorious. Starting with 32 players, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 ended with just one – King MoAuba – The FIFA 19 World Champion!

With another season a few weeks away, and with the impending release of FIFA 20, it will be interesting to see how this new season turns out and what new and old gamers try to clinch the next FIFA eWorld Cup Championship.

You can check out all the highlights below ^^

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