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The 2018 World Cup in Russia has ended almost 3 weeks ago and the world is still in awe at how amazing the matches were. Only one game ended with a goalless draw (France – Denmark) which is a stunning piece of info. Who would have thought that this World Cup would be one of the best we’ve ever seen? Incredible new players entered the scene and dominated it, flashy football was being played, and the best team won! But, we’re days away from another World Cup, and this time, it’s virtual. Of course, we’re talking about the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018!

Through the course of this month, many players have been attempting to secure their shot at World Cup glory. Many have tried and many have failed, but we finally have the specifics about this World Cup and the players. The tournament itself is sure to be a banger as there are some familiar professional names just waiting to show off some more and there are also those who are strangers to the general public but may just surprise everyone involved. Who’s to say it can’t happen? Anyway, let’s start talking about the tournament itself and mentioning all the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament info!

FIFA 18 still hasn’t lost its charm

Before we begin by detailing all the info about the eWorld Cup, we’d like to take a moment and talk about FIFA 18 itself. So, is this game slowly going out of favor because the next iteration is about to appear? We’d like to think not. It’s been some time since FIFA 18 was released and it features a well-known formula and play style. But, there’s something unique about this game which has cemented it in the eyes of the public.

FIFA 19 promo banner with Christiano Ronaldo in a Real Madrid kit

There’s no doubt that FIFA 18 is still going strong and, even though we’re two months away from the release of FIFA 19, I’m certain that the majority of players will return to FIFA 18 (at least for nostalgia’s sake).

Jokes aside, FIFA 18 is definitely the strongest FIFA release in quite some time. If we remember the end of the previous decade, it was PES that was king of soccer games. However, times slowly changed and right now, FIFA 18 is the dominating force on the market. This is what makes the eWorld Cup so exciting – players pushing themselves to their limits on a game that is absolutely fantastic! Now, finally, we’re ready to start talking about the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament Info!

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FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament Info | FIFA Betting Options

As with any other eSports game, you’ll find the possibility to make FIFA 18 bets. eSports betting is all the rave right now, mainly because there are fewer surprises than in real life, although they can happen. Betting on video game tournaments was once seen as crazy and an unnecessary money sink, but as time went by and games, as well as betting options, evolved, so did these opinions. The FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament Info is everything you’ll need to completely understand what’s going on and what bets to make.

Nowadays, you’ll see a lot of people making bets on various tournaments for various games which aren’t at all surprising. Speaking specifically about FIFA 18 and the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup 2018, there are a couple of things you can bet on, as well as multiple websites that offer such betting options.

For example, you can bet on the outright winner before the tournament even starts. The bookies at Bet365 and ArcaneBet offer some pretty good odds for the outright winner, whilst Betway and Bet-At-Home have odds for other types of situations (such as group winner, the group of the winner, etc.)

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Join FIFA 18 Moneymaking Scene

Here’s the thing about FIFA 18: Its competitive scene is very, well, competitive. As such, it offers the unique possibility of playing in tournaments and having a chance at earning real cash. All you have to do is get really, and I mean, really good at the game and believing in yourself. On top of that, you’ll have to find a website that features these tournaments and offers cash prizes. If you want to play eSports and attempt to win a tournament and the main prize, you’ll have to push yourself through some very skilled opponents.

This isn’t impossible to do, of course. Plus, playing in tournaments for a cash prize and glory isn’t a new concept either. If we go back in time and take a look at the League of Legends competitive scene for regular players during Seasons 2 and 3, we can see that Go4LoL hosted plenty of tournaments.

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Maybe spectate this tournament too as it might give you something to learn. All info about it is featured in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament Info section.

It’s no surprise that right now, these tournaments are better than ever with even better prizes. So, if you want to become the FIFA 18 champion of a specific tournament (and earn some cash as well), then by all means – go for it!

Who is the main favorite for winning the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup?

FIFA 18 pro gamer Nicolas99FC posing for the camera

Almost all bookies place Nicolas99FC as the one who has the best chance at winning the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup, but there might be some surprises. Gorilla and MegaBit are very close in terms of odds and if you’ve been following some of their games, then you know they have a chance at winning the thing too.

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Still, the majority of FIFA fans expect the main favorite would definitely be Nicolas99FC, but, as we’ve seen in the World Cup in Russia, plenty of surprises can happen! Most importantly, let’s hope that the tournament will provide great matches with everything else being in the background. So, we’re left with a simple option – let’s wait and see what each of these players can do and achieve on the big stage!

Final Words About FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Tournament Info

As one of the biggest FIFA tournaments in recent history (especially if you’re looking at the previous FIFA eWorld Cup tournaments), this year’s FIFA eWorld Cup will not disappoint. With a great set of players all competing for the main prize, we are surely going to be in for a proper spectacle!

Just by looking at the players and groups we’re sure that there’ll be a lot of memorable moments in this tournament. Some will cry tears of sadness whilst one will cry tears of joy. This is sports and it’s what makes it so amazing. eSports is nothing less than amazing and it shares almost all properties with real-life sports. Hold on to your seats and be ready – it’s soon to start!


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Randalph Patrick
3 years ago

Does that Nicolas so good at FIFA? I want to try him out, to prove my self.

Alber Nucci
3 years ago

Yes it has lost its charm, if you can see the statistics of FIFA 19 on Steam you will see how this game lost its charms.

Adelaide Delluci
3 years ago

Messi did not messin’ around right? So I think that they haven’t lost its charm at all.