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Focus On MSDossary!!

msdossary fifa fut champions cup 6 recap

The last Fut Champions Cup for the year is finally over but the memories it brought won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Welcome to a comprehensive FUT Champions Cup 6 Recap! This Fut champs cup saw the introduction of a more vivid personality clash from dossary and tekkz, number 2 and 1 on Xbox rankings respectively.

The event also recorded heartbreaking matches like the Vitality maestro vs Shellz match with each player giving it everything they got and coming down to unpredictable penalties which saw maestro clinch the win and it also saw some decent performance from players like PSG daxe and Ibattlecat.

The highlight of Fut champs Cup 6 was undoubtedly the Xbox 2nd ranked player, msdossary whom after a somewhat nervy start against klutch in swiss rounds went on to win the event. After defeating the number 1 ranked player, F2tekkz in swiss rounds, he then went on to the Quarter Finals to defeat the well known Faze tass, also a top-ranked player.

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During that match, dossary showed why he is a person who has mastered the game of FIFA because when he plays he just doesn’t just defeat his opponents but exerts dominance and this was seen in the Tass match.

Tass is a player known to be able to wind down the clock by keeping the ball with his 5-3-2 formation only changing such when the game is not in his favour, he does it so well that it has become hard to mention that style of play without mentioning him and the fact that dossary was able to win by 7 goals to nil is just unbelievable.

dossary vs tekkz

The game to watch at the Fut Champs Cup 6 was definitely the Xbox console final between the number and 1 and 2 on Xbox rankings with both players having a lot to prove.

It didn’t take long for the eworld cup winner, dossary to open up the scoring in the 3rd minute with a Ronaldo goal and with first blood drawn by dossary, he went 2 up in the 56th minute with a gifted penalty by Tekkz’s Raphael Varane but it proved to be a game of 2 different legs when tekzz who was 2 down in the 1st leg notched three goals in the first 23 minutes of the 2nd leg turning it around to 3-2.

The first half of the 2nd leg was truly flooded with goals as dossary restored parity in the 30th minute and completing the come back in the 4oth minute with another goal to go 4-3. However, all was not done as tekkz levelled the score in the 43rd minute and with just another 45 minutes of normal time to play for, it was all or nothing!

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With both players defending well, msdossary snatched the lead in the 72nd minute and cemented it with another goal 7 minutes later, his 2 goals were enough to win the Xbox console final and he then went on to exert his dominance in the cross-console final against Vitality maestro and won the Fut champions Cup 6.

With the FIFA ENations Cup almost here, it is clear that dossary is a player to watch but a lingering question still remains; is he truly the king of the jungle?

This concludes our FIFA FUT Champions Cup 6 recap!


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