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fifa enations cup

With barely a  week and a half left, Fifa eNations cup is almost here. On April 13th and 14th, history will be made as the world of  FIFA adds a new competition which is the eNations cup, as the landmark dates draw nearer, gamers preparation intensifies as the opportunity of representing one’s country is certainly one they will be eager to do.

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Looking at the way the eNations cup has been drawn up, 20 nations, each with a team of 2  consisting of Xbox and Ps4 players  all separated in a group of five, we are definitely bound to see some heated battles in some of the group, the most noticeable is Group  A, which has England, France, Saudi Arabia, Finland and South Africa.

enations cup playersThe match to watch!

This group actually is very exciting to see cause  it makes us wonder can the South African team spring a surprise on the rest teams or will F2 Tekkz who is representing England  continue his unrivaled dominance in the world of Xbox FIFA or will we see the Fifa 2018 world champion, Mossad  Aldossary come on top in the Xbox battle between him and Tekkz.

All these thoughts, unfortunately, will remain as such as the wait for the eNations cup continues  and  it is a tournament worth the watch, with a prize pool of 100,000  Us dollars  coupled with a golden  chance to win up to 1,500 EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series points, providing these players to move up in Global series rankings and in addition to this, worldwide recognition……it can be said that there is all to play for in this tournament.


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