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I’m sure many of you know about For Honor, a relatively new fighting game by Ubisoft. It is set in medieval times and depicts wars between some of the most popular warrior factions in the world. Of course, there’s a dash of fantasy to spice up the story but still, For Honor makes for a pretty reliable source of medieval battles.

However, being historically accurate doesn’t get you that far in the video game industry. It can get you so far… but you still need additional factors to cater to potential players. Unfortunately for For Honor, it did not have many things to offer at its launch.

This is something we are seeing much more often today than what was the case a couple of years ago. Half-finished games are being released and no one even bats an eye. Alpha versions get sold as Early Access titles and everyone seems happy… However, as far as For Honor goes, people did seem to notice… and a bad start of its lifecycle put For Honor eSports potential at great risk. Let’s find out more about that, shall we!?

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The Game was just plain horrible at launch

Let’s start off by saying that For Honor was such a terrible game at launch that it ended up with players massively boycotting it until Ubisoft resolves the issues. And there was plenty of those to write home about.

Servers were awful. Lag and random disconnects were too frequent. And that’s unforgivable in a fighting game that heavily relies on lightning fast reactions. Let’s face it – if you don’t even know if you’ve pressed a button or not while playing a 1v1 duel – it’s frustrating af!

Balancing the heroes was another huge battle for Ubisoft’s developers. Luckily for For Honor (and for its stubborn player base), Ubisoft started tackling the issues one by one. Massive improvements started rolling out one by one until For Honor eSports potential started becoming a talking point. With the introduction of dedicated servers, Starter’s Edition (cheaper version of the game with just a few playable heroes), and massive balancing changes, people started getting back to For Honor and even playing the game for money

For Honor Free To Play

But then, with all the Gamescom 2018 craze going on, For Honor received wonderful news. For Honor Starter Edition, which usually goes for $15 on Steam, was set to be completely free on Steam until 27th of August. This encouraged lots of potential players (those who thought the game’s regular price is a bit too much to ask for) to download it.

In fact, there was a total mayhem regarding For Honor in the first 48 hours after it became free… to the point of it having more than 200,000 unique users in 24 hours. An all-time high for the game ever since its launch back in February 2017. Of course, as soon as player numbers started getting close to the likes of Dota 2 and CS:GO, people immediately started talking about For Honor eSports potential. So, let’s jump to the bandwagon and see whether or not we’ll see something like that in the foreseeable future!

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For Honor eSports Potential | Will it happen?

For Honor already has some sort of a professional eSports scene. However, it’s nothing even remotely close to the likes of CS:GO or Dota 2. ESL Pro tournaments are enjoying decent popularity but they still haven’t reached the critical point where they can attract serious sponsorship offers.

eSports betting aspect is an important one to look at when talking about For Honor eSports potential. Realistically speaking, For Honor is an action-packed game with momentum being a big thing… and as such, I believe it could prove to be profitable for the eSports betting industry.

Need I remind you – the best eSports to bet on are the ones which are the most interesting to watch. And let’s be real here – nowadays, For Honor isn’t just a pleasure to play, but a pleasure to watch others play too. That’s why, we at Gaming4.cash believe For Honor eSports potential will skyrocket in the following months! Especially if it manages to retain a huge active player base they’re enjoying at the moment.


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