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days of summer day 4

So we are 4 days in. 14 Days of Summer, day 4. The event has been magnificent. The LTM spinoff has removed the boredom, which was caused due to playing the regular playlist repeatedly without any change. As a result, this provides players with opportunities to play under different circumstances with different limitations. 

Today’s unvaulted weapon is the crossbow, which dates back to season 2, making it one of Fortnite’s oldest weapons. Its return carries a sense of glory. 


  • Fires Arrows, which are an unlimited ammo type.
  • Found from floor loot and treasure chests.
  • Comes in both Rare and Epic variants.

Here is how it looks in-game:

14 days of summer day 4 crossbow


The LTM which Fortnite decided to bring in today is:

Wick’s Bounty Duos
Wick’s Bounty is back! Eliminate other players and collect their coins to prove that you are the best in the business.

Mode Details:

  • Spawn with weapons and 3 lives
  • Hunt down and eliminate high value targets as they appear on the map
  • First to reach the goal score wins

john wick fortnite 14 days of summer

Today’s challenge is to thank the bus driver and place top 20 in any playlist, except for Team Rumble, 5 times. You will be rewarded with the ‘Perfect Blend’ emoticon on completing this challenge.

Fortnite 14 days of summer day 4

So that’s it for day 4 of 14 Days of Summer. Complete the challenge, earn yourself the emoticon, and don’t worry about tomorrow. We will be posting articles every day to inform you about the challenges, their rewards, the unvaultings and the new LTM.

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