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Well, we are back again to talk about another new Fortnite Update. Perhaps the biggest one ever in terms of changes, features, and new additions. Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought in a huge number of new features. Map changes, Weapon Revamps, FISHING! Loads of cool stuff. And this article will be detailing all the changes and the community’s response to the introduction of a “New Chapter” to the world of Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Table of Contents:

How Good is Fortnite Chapter 2?

The community is positive about these changes. Most agree it was a much needed refreshment that Fortnite was missing.

Throughout all of Fortnite’s Social Media channels, a positive attitude was expressed by the vast majority of the community towards Fortnite Chapter 2. All the changes it has brought alongside have given rise to praise. Ninja, a popular streamer, tweeted this:

However, some critics deplored the changes mainly due to several bugs and hitches encountered in the early phases of the season. This Reddit thread shows the overall response of players!

Does Fortnite Chapter 2 Have Bugs?

Although negligible in amount considering the enormity of Fortnite’s new update, the bugs that players encountered were:

  • Key binds reset: Players faced this issue when they launched the game for the first time after the new update. All the custom key binds were set to Default.
  • Significant framerate drop: The most exasperating bug that players had to face. Due to Frame Rate drops and significant lag, players felt it extremely difficult to indulge in Build Fights as the frame rate piqued during those fights.
  • Lack of mobility: This isn’t particularly a bug but an alarming concern that Players are having difficulty in storm rotations having only swimming and boats as methods of mobility.
  • Death Barriers: At certain Locations within the map, the Death Barrier is extremely low and building up to a certain height can instantly result in your death.

What are the New Features of Fortnite Chapter 2?

A lot of Features, previously unintroduced, were added to the game, namely:

  • New Vehicles: Boats. They are compatible on both water and land. Though when used on land, the boat takes damage over time.
  • Fishing: Done by a fishing rod. Players can obtain one of 4 items fishing: 3 fishes and a tin as well as weapons of blue and above rarity.
  • Upgrade Machines: Found in all named locations, it gives the players opportunity to upgrade their weapon class at the cost of a specific amount of materials.
  • Slurp Effect: With the launch of season 2, at a place called Slurpy Swamps, a number of items are placed which, upon destruction, provide you with shields. Similarly, the small water bodies near Slurpy Swamps tend to recharge your health and shields.
  • Swimming: Rivers flowing through the map allow players to use swimming as a method of mobility for storm rotations as well as translocation.
  • Hiding in Haystacks and Bins: This new feature lets you hide in haystack and bins placed at various locations throughout the entire map.
  • Carry Knock-Downs: Knock-down teammates can be carried in order to prevent them from dying due to storm damage or any other purposes. However, Fortnite also allows carrying knock-down opponents and has a button dedicated to throwing them off with it literally being named “Yeet”.
  • Bots: The most awaited feature of Chapter 2. AI controlled players developed from Machine Learning Algorithms to guarantee 100% accurate skill-based matchmaking and provide user with an equal match of opponents.

What’s the Fortnite Chapter 2 Loot Pool?

The entire Loot Pool of chapter 2 has been redesigned and reset to square one with only the basic weapons found in the game.

Weapon Revamps and Changes

The following guns received some changes in terms of either Design Revamps, added variants, etc.

Fortnite chapter 2 loot

Some interesting changes here..

  1. Pistol: Added Epic and Legendary Variants. Design Revamp.
  2. Pump: Added Common, Epic and Legendary Variants. Design Revamp for Common, Uncommon and Rare Variants.
  3. Burst Assault Rifle: Added Common, Uncommon and Rare Variants. Design Revamp for all variants.
  4. Submachine Gun: Combination of submachine Gun and Compact SMG from the last chapter.
  5. Rocket Launcher: Design revamp for all variants. Common, Uncommon Variants added.
  6. Bolt Actions Sniper: Complete Design Revamp. Common, Uncommon Variants added.
  7. Assault Rifle: Design Revamp.
  8. Bandage Launcher: New Item. Shoots Bandages to heal players. Takes 2 Inventory Slots. Recharges 20 seconds. Epic Variant only.
  9. Fishing Rod: Allows you to fish. Common Variant only.

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Items Obtained from Fishing

  1. Small Fry: 1 Second use time. Regenerates 25 Health Points upon consumption. Common Variant. Max Stack 6. Capped at 75 HP.
  2. Flopper: 1 Second use time. Regenerates 50 Health Points upon consumption. Uncommon Variant. Max Stack 4. No cap.
  3. Slurp Fish: 1 Second use time. Regenerates 50 shields upon consumption. Epic Variant. Max Stack No cap.
  4. Tin Can: Throwable. It doesn’t inflict any damage.

New Locations

Fortnite’s new update has brought changes to the Battleground. The map is as follows:

fortnite chapter 2 map

Try swimming and fishing whenever you can – it’s loads of fun

The newly added locations are:

  1. Slurpy Swamps
  2. Weeping Woods
  3. Holly Hedges
  4. Misty Meadows
  5. Lazy Lake
  6. Frenzy Farm
  7. Dirt Docks
  8. Sweaty Sands
  9. Craggy Cliffs
  10. Steamy Stack

The rest of the locations include those which were present in the previous Chapter of Fortnite and have therefore received no major changes in regards to design which are:

  1. Salty Springs
  2. Retail Row
  3. Pleasant Park

Fortnite Chapter 2 Glitches

There are several glitches currently in Fortnite. Some of them are enlisted:

1. Airborne Boat: Boats can now fly in mid-air and function normally if you follow the procedure correctly. This provides an unfair advantage to people as they can fire from above and catch their enemies unattended.

2. Experience Grants: If a player visits the Steel Bridges located at 4 different points throughout the map, he is granted 2,000 Experience per every bridge visited and this can be repeated every match.

3. Under the map: Player can get under the map by following the instruction of the glitch. This glitch has been in the game since Chapter 1 and has not yet been fixed.

4. Health Grants: At certain locations, you regenerate Health Automatically.

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What are your thoughts and reactions on Fortnite Chapter 2? Is it better than the last Chapter or not? Feel free to comment your thoughts down below and keep yourself updated from the latest news by following Gaming4.cash.

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