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foot of Fortnite robot

Data miners noticed an addition to the game files Sunday morning. It was a pak file which contained a model.
The file was named Doggus. When it was extracted, the shape of the model was similar to a foot. Upon scrutiny, data miners concluded that it was the foot of a Robot Dog which was going to be added to Fortnite in the upcoming patch on tuesday.

A similar object name was noticed in the leaked week 10 challenges, which required players to visit a place named ‘Robot Factory’. As you might already have noticed, Fortnite does an event before the end of every season. The goal is to build up the storyline and transition to the next season.

According to data miners, they have added files of an event related to Pressure Plant this season. ICYMI, the Pressure Plant just got changed in the recent update. I believe its new design is related to the new in-game file, as it was added to the same event folder.

Model of the foot Credit @Lucas7yoshi

As soon as the pak file was released, Data miners began comparing the model with other objects in the game and it seems to be gigantic. As you can see below:

Comparison of the relative size of the foot with Dusty Divot Warehouses

Apart from the robots foot, other parts were also found.

But the other files only exist as textures which are mashed and cannot be rendered. Here is the evidence:

Textures of other parts Credits @Lucas7yoshi

In-game file names of other parts

In any case, this new robot leak has got fans hyped up and developing various theories about what is going to happen next in the Fortnite world. Not to forget that the monster, which was hiding under the Polar Peak, is still on the move and is expected to make a return.

It’ll be pretty interesting to see how the game designers shape the storyline and introduce the beginning of season 10.

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