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Epic Games Fortnite Update

In the latest Fortnite Update, which was released on Tuesday, the 27th of August, Epic Games decided to once again play with the community. They have decided to potentially change another aspect of the game which can be game-changing. They added a delay to turbo building which made many streamers upset because it removed the potential to do 90’s and sweat on other players.

The whole community was angry about this change because it removed the essential purpose of building. And hours after the update, a Twitter trend emerged under the hashtag #Reverttheupdate. Many famous streamers started posting video displaying how difficult it was to build and defend themselves while engaging in 1v1 fights.

And with continuous controversies on Turbo building, some hours later Epic released an update fixing turbo building. But they decreased other aspects of it. Here is the full blog they released:

Fortnite Update Patch Notes

Why did we Change Turbo build?

We did so as a first step addressing several problems:

Fortnite Update Turbo Changes

How will this influence the game now?

  • Rapid Turbo Building favors players with low ping in disproportionate ways.
    • Taking walls (racing with another player to place a wall before them)
    • Turtling (continually rebuilding a wall that is taking damage)
  • Turtling disproportionately favors defender
    • E.g. holding mouse button vs. squad shooting at 1×1
  • Building piece placement accuracy
    • Easy to accidentally place multiple pieces “at once”
  • Spam building
    • Easy to spam build
    • We want building to be a bit more deliberate

What we don’t want to dramatically impact:

Fortnite building

No dramatic changes says Epic. This true eh?

  • How responsive building feels
  • The ability to perform 90s
    • Rapidly gaining high ground by building up within single tile
  • The ability to “waterfall”
    • Building wall pieces as support while falling down

What are the Next Steps?

We’re working to implement the following further changes and will update you on social channels once they’re live.

  • Replace initial building and turbo building delay with rate of fire logic
    • First placement is instantaneous
    • No way to build faster than a building piece every 0.15 seconds
    • Note: By itself, this doesn’t address the defensive agency of turtling / low ping benefit

  • Enforce rate of fire for contested pieces
    • If a building piece is destroyed:
      • Server waits 0.15 seconds before allowing the rebuild
      • Players attempting to rebuild the destroyed piece during that 0.15 seconds are added to a list
      • There are several potential ways to pick the winner we’re exploring:
        • Coin flip between people not currently owning the building piece
        • Coin flip between everyone trying to build
        • Favor a person currently owning building piece
      • At end of delay, place building piece
    • Ensures that building piece replacement (“taking walls”) is not pinged sensitive
    • Ensures minimum time between a wall being destroyed and replaced

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What do you think about these Fortnite Update changes? Is Epic Games messing with the game right now, or are they doing the proper thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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