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Epic Games has finally unveiled the eagerly-expected details about the Fortnite World Cup, which they recently announced. Following their rich tradition, the World Cup itself will boast a $30 million (26 million euro) prize pool. However, that is not all.

The news came from the update from Epic Games themselves. In this update, they also disclosed how they are planning to distribute their promised $100 million prize pool for the year 2019.

It will take place in New York City. Every single player that takes part in this World Cup is guaranteed at least $50,000 in winnings. Of course, better performance means more money! The event will consist of 100 solo players for the royale and 50 duos.

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There will be 10 weekly qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup, held online and will start on April 13th. Every team will have the chance to win a million dollars here.

Every week from then on, Epic Games will dish out a million dollars in different tournaments. They also stated that the devs will “provide tournament tools and prizes to select partners” to boost Fortnite’s presence in more countries.

Fortnite World Cup

The biggest individual Esports prize to date came from “The International 8” in Dota2, where Team OG took more than 11 million dollars home. This roughly translates to about $2 million per player. Now, Epic has broken this record too, as the solo winner will take home a staggering $3 million.

Obviously, Epic Games is taking their Esports presence very seriously. Even though some people ridicule the title, the money involved in these competitions is certainly not for ridicule. 50 grand is already a serious amount of money, and this comes from the minimum winnings on the Fortnite World Cup. So, with that in mind, this tournament is going to be good!

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