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TI9 Dota 2

The International is an annual tournament organized by Valve Corporation. It’s the major concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit with 18 teams battling it out to emerge victors. The first International was held in Cologne, Germany, during the Gamescom trade show, in order to unveil Dota 2 to worldwide audiences. What has changed since then for us to have the Dota 2 TI9?

It drew attention due to its staggering $1.6 million USD prize pool. 16 teams were invited to play for the title. As of 2018, 63 different teams have appeared in the group stages of The International. TI9, or The International 9 is the ninth annual edition of the Dota 2 tournament, and is due to happen in the mid of August 2019.

The International 9 Venue

mercedes benz arena shanghai dota 2 TI9

You can’t convince us this isn’t a spaceship.

For the first time ever, the tournament is going to be held in Shanghai, China. It’s scheduled to happen in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Format and Schedule

Dota Pro Circuit was a series of the pre-qualifying tournament that ran from October 2018 up to June of this year. The top 12 teams will receive direct Invitations to The International. Furthermore, six single-elimination qualifying playoffs are scheduled to be held this month, with the winners from the regions of China, Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia earning the invites to the main event, thus making the total number of participating teams 18.

the international 2019 dota 2

These qualifying rounds are going on presently. There are two open qualifiers for each region, leading to a closed qualifier which decides the main qualifier from each region to fight in the main event.

The format of the qualifiers is as listed below:

  • Group Stage

    • Round robin
    • All matches are played in a Bo1
    • Top four teams advance to playoffs
  • Playoffs

    • Double-elimination bracket
    • Grand final is played in a Bo5
    • All other matches are played in a Bo3
    • Winner qualifies for the final tournament

Now onto the main event, the Group Stage of the tournament will be played from 15-18 August. The Group Stage will be the foundation of the tournament as the elimination bracket will be based upon the overall positions of the teams after the Group Stage. The 18 teams will be divided into groups of 9 and will feature a round-robin format. Each team will face the opposing team from their group in a 2-match series, gaining points based upon the results and performances of each team collectively.

hidden treasure ti9

Once the Group Stage ends, the last team in each group will be eliminated from the tournament, while the top 4 teams will move on to the upper bracket and the rest of the teams will move on to the lower bracket.

Finally, the winner from the upper bracket will battle it out against the winner from the lower bracket, in a Grand Finals match on August 25th to take home the prize.

Prize Pool

As with previous years of the tournament, a corresponding battle pass for Dota 2 was released in May 2019, allowing the prize pool to be crowdfunded by players of the game. The initial prize pool of the tournament was $1,600,000. 25% of revenue made by the battle pass was sent directly towards the tournament’s prize pool, immensely increasing the prize pool to a breathtaking $26,596,921, hence surpassing The International 2018 for the largest crowdfunded prize pool in an esports event of all time.

Check out this cool website to show you the prize pool growth and comparison to other TI’s!

The stakes for this year’s TI are high, motivating teams to be more competitive, as well as play strategically.

Selected Teams

Direct invitation (DPC)

  • European Union Team Secret
  • Russia Virtus.pro
  • China Vici Gaming
  • United States Evil Geniuses
  • European Union Team Liquid
  • China PSG.LGD
  • Malaysia Fnatic
  • Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Philippines TNC Predator
  • European Union OG
  • Sweden Alliance
  • China Keen Gaming

Regional qualifier winners:

  • China TBD (China)
  • Ukraine Natus Vincere (CIS)
  • TBD (Europe)
  • TBD (North America)
  • Peru Infamous (South America)
  • Philippines Mineski (Southeast Asia)

Current Champions:

The International 2018 was held at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada from August 20–25, 2018.  As another change from previous Internationals, it featured a series of tournaments, running from October 2017 until June 2018 and known as the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), awarding qualifying points, with the top eight ranking teams receiving direct invitations. The grand finals took place between OG and PSG.LGD, with OG winning the series 3–2.

Team OG Dota 2 TI9

This win was a huge shock to the entire Dota 2 community, as the OG had come up from the open qualifiers and surprised everyone with their undeniably outstanding performances and marvelous strategies. This serves to illustrate that you never know what can happen.

Teams to look out for:

Although all teams competing in this event have an equal shot at the trophy, some teams in recent history have really been killing the competition, and you might want to look out for them in the tournament.

1. Team Secret:

team secret dota 2

Globally ranked #1. With a win percentage of over 68%, Team Secret has the best combination of players, who know their roles and can strategize even under extreme pressures.

2. ViCi Gaming:

vici gaming dota 2 ti9

Second-ranked in the world. The best Chinese Dota 2 team, who have gotten their first opportunity to participate in a TI on their own soil. They hope to win this competition in order to establish a name for themselves and show that they are a force to be reckoned with.

3. Team Liquid:

Team Liquid DOta 2

Winners of The International in 2017. They have strongly established players, who have proven themselves as highly effective in the past. Having a win percentage of 61% isn’t an easy task, but team Liquid has managed to hold their position high in the Global Rankings, at 3rd place.

How to Watch:

The entirety of TI9 will be available on the Dota 2 channel on Twitch, and if you are in Shanghai you might still be in luck with the tickets to experience the breath-taking battles live.

TI9 is going to be a huge event and will surely go down in history as one of the largest Dota 2 events. If you don’t want to miss out on any TI9 news be sure to follow Gaming4.Cash. Don’t forget to comment which team you are supporting down below.

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