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Glitch in Assassins Creed Unity

Video games when done well are some of the most technically impressive forms of media to date, the journeys that we go on within these worlds are truly impressive.

That being said they are not always perfect and on more than one occasion a bug within the code has produced some incredibly hilarious results.

Here is my list for 8 funny video game glitches:

8. Assassin’s creed unity

The 2014 assassin’s creed unity was the first game in the series to introduce cooperative gameplay and promised a tale about a young man named Arno set in the French Revolution. However, these factors would be immediately overshadowed upon the game’s release when it was discovered a number of bugs and graphical issues plagued the game, most notably one which affected characters faces preventing them from loading inappropriately. That particular bug earns it a spot on our list.

7. The SIMS 4

Another 2014 game release also suffered due to body deformation glitches occurring within it, EA’s lifestyle simulator the sims 4 makes up the next entry of funny video game glitches with its demon babies. Deformed limbs and bulging eyes were a few staples of this particular glitch and an all new meaning to a face only a mother could love is demonstrated by this particular error in the code.

6. FIFA 12

Staying on the topic of EA video games, one of their most popular franchises has had a few graphical hiccups of its own, most notably players legs bending in such a way that would make it rather hard to do their jobs i.e. running around a pitch guiding a ball into the net.

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5. MADDEN 15

It seems not even American Football players are safe from being included on a list concerning funny video game glitches as in  Madden 15 a player named Christian Krinskey came to be dubbed as the tiny titan having been wrongfully documented in the game as 1 foot 2 inches tall instead of the appropriate 6 foot 2.

4. Heavy rain

The glitch for my next entry requires a bit more user input because in Quantic Dream’s Heavy rain there is a prompt labeled “press X to Shaun”, in order call out the name of a character. The glitch lets you spam this in order to ensure this name is called out in the most inopportune of places as well as inappropriate times and even in the final confrontation of the game.


In 2008 when Rockstar’s crime sandbox launched it was met with critical praise for its narrative and open world design. It was also notable for a particular glitch involving a Liberty City swing set being able to turn any car, that had the misfortune of coming into contact with it, into a bootleg rocket by launching it several feet into the air.

2. Crysis

This 2007 first-person shooter set in the future took place on an island and in an attempt to prevent the players from merely fleeing the island by the sea the developers placed several sharks on patrol around the island. However, due to some incomplete code, a new and funny video game glitch was born as the sharks proved that they could be dangerous both in and out of the water as anyone who would wander to close to them could potentially find themselves being harassed by a land shark.

1. Skyrim

For our final entry for funny video game glitches, we have Skyrim. It (and almost all Bethesda RPGs) has a reputation for launching with a number of bugs including floating NPCs and even headless ones to a whole other slew of problems with dialogues. Despite all this, it has still managed to entice a dedicated fan base and ensure its release on almost every platform under the sun.

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