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PGL Minor

This CS:GO championship’s first day is concluded, and Americas Minor winners are Envy and FURIA. These victories are putting the teams one step closer to qualifying to Major.

Group B’s first match had Envy facing Team One. The battle took place on the famous map The Dust 2. Envy concluded the game at the score of 12-3. Finn Andersen “karrigan’s” expertise has extended the team’s efforts to such heights. It is a surprise Envy managed to demolish Team One in this manner.

The US-majority team continued their dominance on the battlefield, with Josh Marzano “jdm64” converting the 2v1 situation to their favor in the nineteenth round.

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The second match of Group B took place between eUnited, a North American, and FURIA, a South American team. The battle took place on the map Inferno. FURIA, representing Terrorists, have won the first three rounds of the half off the back of a successful CT-side pistol, that saw Kaike Cerato “kscerato” land a 3k. The eUnited followed up with retaliation, but to no avail – FURIA’s holds were too strong. This secured the team five consecutive wins at 8-3. At this point, they were looking at a 11-4 surplus, going into their Terrorist half.

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eUnited was unable to deal with FURIA’s tactial play in their first buy round, placing the Terrorist side at 15-4. Surprisingly afterwards, eUnited managed to get back on track and ground out the next seven rounds consecutively. That did not have much effect, though, as FURIA closed out in round 27 at 16-11.

It is fairly clear that Americas minor winners, FURIA and Envy, are looking to show the world what they’ve got.


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