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GameAgents, a Serbian based Esports tournament organization has announced a third season of their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league. After a four year break, this CSGO league will have $20,000 at stake for the players.

GameAgents CSGO League

At this kind of overdue third iteration of the league, we will see 16 teams cross their bullets in a Swiss-system tournament. The top eight of these teams will advance to the playoffs.

This is the first time GameAgents decided to use the Swiss format. The previous seasons featured different formats and fewer participants.

The event is started to kick off on April 29.

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In the first GameAgents CSGO league that happened in 2015, we had a total of 8 teams battling for a prize pool of $5,000. The tournament winners were Team Dignitas who took home $3,000, second Gamers2 with $1,000 and 3rd and 4th being Copenhagen Wolves and Team Orbit respectively, with $500 each.

The second iteration was fairly bigger and happened around half a year later, during 2015 as well. On this one, we had 12 teams competing for a prize pool of $25,000. The winners, FlipSid3 Tactics took home $15,000, second place E-Frag.net Esports Club took $7,500, and 3rd and 4th were SK Gaming and ex-Reason Gaming respectively, each getting $1,250.

List of Participating Teams at GameAgentsLeague

The complete list of 16 teams who will compete in the 2019 iteration of the tournament is:

  • Tricked

  • HAVU

  • x-kom

  • expert

  • Izako Boars

  • Ancient

  • ex-3DMAX

  • ex-Fragsters

  • Chaos

  • SJ

  • GameAgents

  • Syman

  • Giants

  • Sharks

  • AGO

  • Nemiga

We wish the best of luck to the future participants of the league and hope that it will not die off again for so long!

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