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Eloise Tempo Storm

Who is Eloise?


Eloise’s full real name is Tang Haiyun and she’s a famous Hearthstone player. She is fully Chinese, unlike a couple of her counterparts on the stage (who are usually half-Chinese half-American). Because of this, she’s one of the rare few Chinese female gamers that has made her dream come true. Eloise first started her career playing World of Warcraft on the STARS guild. After some time playing WoW, she moved on to Hearthstone and developed a strong love for it. Throughout her gaming career, she’s won plenty of tournaments and achieved international fame in the Hearthstone world.

She is also very, very knowledgeable of the game and has expressed her thoughts on the state of Hearthstone back in 2015. This video might not be relevant today, but it does show how intelligent and professional Eloise is. Give it a view!

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Achievements of Eloise

Eloise has had her fair share of victories over the years. In fact, she is one of the very few Chinese gamers to reach the top of the paying ladder. She has achieved great success across 16 tournaments and has earned around $16k during her career. She is the 2,519th place on the global best-paid Esports athletes list (but her position can keep changing as others appear on the list or when she wins again).

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The last great result she’s achieved was in 2017 during the Red Bull Team Brawl where she came 3rd. After that, she’s achieved some greatness every once in a while.

Eloise has been playing for Tempo Storm for quite some time and is still part of the team. The reason she joined this team was that it enabled her to play in Western competitions (something she couldn’t have done previously. One fact that most people don’t know about her is that she’s one of Hearthstone’s OG players! She’s also a little bit quirky; check this video out!

The truth is, the entire Hearthstone world loves her. She has a warm personality and listening to her can be pretty relaxing (don’t say we didn’t warn you!). Eloise doesn’t know English perfectly but she makes up for it by trying really hard. And no one is bothered by this!

If you want to watch her play some games, visit her Twitch channel!


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