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Sasha Hostyn

Who is Scarlett?

Scarlett is the pseudonym and gaming name used by Sasha Hostyn. This girl gamer started her gaming career playing StarCraft II. During her earlier years, Hostyn would beat multiple high-ranking players in Las Vegas. She currently holds the award in the Guinness Book of Records as the “highest career earnings for a female competitive video game player”.

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To give you a broad idea of just how good she is at gaming:

Watch: Scarlett Beats ShaDoWn




The Girl Gamer that Broke Records

Scarlett is one of the best StarCraft II players around. She’s been dubbed “The Queen of StarCraft II” and the “Korean Kryptonite”, mainly due to her strenghts against Korean players. In 2014, she classified first in seven tournaments. Throughout her career, she earned over $200,000 which is the most out of any female Esports athlete. A girl gamer that is kickass in every sense of the word!

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Hostyn also has a Twitch channel that you can watch here:

Scarlett Twitch


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