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Play eSports for Money on GamerSaloon

People who don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate their lives to eSports playing and tournament participation usually play games only as a hobby. They don’t play for glory or for prizes. But not all people are okay with this. Some would like to have the option to earn some cash for the time spent playing a game and, up until a couple of years ago, it was tough figuring out what to do.

Fortunately, GamerSaloon is a website with experienced people behind it; two brothers who wanted to participate in monetized tournaments but had no platform to do so. This isn’t exactly a betting website but it can be viewed as such, considering you do place bets (entry fees) when choosing to take part in a tournament.

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Let’s take a look at how good this eSports tournament host really is.

Available Betting Choices on GamerSaloon

Okay, so if we’re thinking of considering entry fees as betting choices (since you’re essentially betting on yourself winning the damn thing), the amount of available ones is pretty impressive. GamerSaloon is no stranger to the whole eSports scene so it’s only understandable they know a thing or two about eSports betting as well.

There’s a plethora of available games and their respective tournaments and you won’t be left disappointed. Some tournaments require a slightly larger entry fee ($20.00 for example) but most of them are smaller and require tiny entry fees ($5.00).

Games that can feature 1v1 and 2v2 matches also require low entry fees since games don’t last a lot and you’re facing only one opponent.

It’s worth noting that GamerSaloon (as can be seen on their official gaming website) is fully oriented towards creating tournaments for laid-back players that don’t spend hours upon hours of training on games. Most of the people you’ll face are similarly skilled to you or better. But, every reputable eSports betting and gaming website needs proper payment methods:

Available Payment Methods on GamerSaloon

GamerSaloon is no different to other betting websites when it comes to payment options since they allow the use of the two most popular credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), as well as Discover, Amex, and Paypal.

And I think that’s fair considering the stakes; you’re paying an entry fee for a tournament for a chance to win some money. It’s not a bad idea to focus on a couple of payment methods instead of multiple ones, so in the case of GamerSaloon – well done!

Withdrawals are done only through Paypal or Check, which might be an inconvenience for some.

Oh yeah, almost forgot! When you make your first deposit, you’ll be eligible for up to a 200% deposit bonus. If you plan on playing a lot and trying to win prizes often, then it may be a good idea depositing a larger sum of money so you get a bigger bonus (keep in mind that this deposit bonus can only be applied once).

Highly-Detailed FAQ Section and Good Customer Support

You don’t run into a betting website that offers a rich and detailed FAQ section but, GamerSaloon has it. Everything on their official gaming website is nice and tidy, and all info is transparent.

Most of the issues have been mentioned in the FAQ section and the solutions are pretty straightforward. However, if you don’t manage to solve your problems, you’ll have two choices:

  • Contact them through Fax (the number of which is clearly displayed)
  • Write to them on E-mail (which is also displayed)

Live chat is unnecessary since the action is happening after some time (and not instantly).

When they do answer you, the messages aren’t aggressive; they’re looking to help you have the best experience possible on their website. GamerSaloon takes customer satisfaction seriously and they don’t mess around with customer support.

GamerSaloon License Info

You don’t have to worry about the licences here because GamerSaloon has been around for 10 years and throughout this time, they’ve earned their trust. However, if you’re really interested in them, they can be found on the site as well.

It’s worth noting that some US states prohibit participation in fee-based tournaments for cash prizes and these are: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. If you don’t live in any of these states, make sure your government allows participation in such tournaments so you don’t run into legal troubles.

Other than that, there’s nothing else that’s interesting!

Final Words on GamerSaloon

Participating in tournaments and showing off to the world has never been easier! GamerSaloon shines where others stutter, with crazy-good optimization and general satisfaction. There’s nothing better than beating someone one-on-one and winning some cash for doing so.

There’s a great feeling in the air when you’re winning! Any issues get solved quickly by either visiting the FAQ section and reading through the most common issues and solutions or by contacting them if the going gets tough.

The website looks wonderful and professional, and the entire depositing/withdrawing process is slick. I’ve nothing but words of praise for this eSports gaming website and I believe everyone using it is having a great time as well!

How to Choose your Favorite eSports Game and Participate in a Tournament

This isn’t difficult and can be done fairly quickly. If you’re on the main page, scroll down a bit and find a button that says View All Video Game Tournaments (right above the highlighted few). Click this and the website will take you to the full list. Once there, simply select the tournament you want to participate in and follow the instructions!

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