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You can think of Gamescom as Europe’s E3 Conference – it’s as simple as that. True – E3 doesn’t just revolve around gaming like Gamescom, but as far as size and fans are concerned – these 2 events are pretty similar. The most important matter – publishers and game developer use them to show off the latest trailers, gameplay and screen art to the fans. Gamescom 2018, in that department, really swept us off our feet. We were there for the first few days and felt the first-hand experience of the biggest gaming event in Europe. Luckily, it was not a casual trip but a business one, meaning we’ve brought a ton of useful info for our readers to digest!

Gamescom 2018 highlights include the stunning koelnmesse venue

Gamescom 2018 Venue – Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany

Gamescom Recap | Hottest Gamescom 2018 Announcements

There are plenty of Gamescom 2018 highlights worth mentioning so we better hurry up and start with the list. For the sake of keeping things as simple as possible, we decided to divide them into 2 categories – video games and others. So, without further ado let’s kick it off and see what exactly Gamescom 2018 was all about!

Video Games

Realistically speaking, there are just too many good video game Gamescom 2018 highlights that we had to pick just a few of the most important ones. It was a very difficult task for us, especially because there are lovers of all game genres between us. Still, in the end, we managed to agree that these 3 games left the best impressions:

For Honor

One of the best cinematic Gamescom 2018 highlights came from Ubisoft. More precisely, we are referring to For Honor’s Marching Fire Expansion. It brings a new PvE environment with claimed infinite replayability all thanks to a plethora of modifier combinations. Plus, it’s playable solo and co-op, meaning you can bring your friend in for the ride.

The Dark Pictures

Project Mephisto was rumored to be something completely different than what internet thought a couple of days ago. Turns out it’s actually a brand-new cinematic horror game with a focus on exploration and storyline. Gamescom 2018 showed us not only the announcement trailer but several minutes of gameplay too. The graphics, animations, sounds, voice acting and pretty much everything we’ve had the chance to see shows great promise. In other words, this PS4 exclusive looks set to be one of the best horror games on the platform.

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Rage 2

Let’s start off by saying that the original Rage was not exactly a highly popular game. It had decent gameplay, great graphics (even for today’s standards) but just couldn’t compete with other releases that came out close to it. This time around, the second game in the series promises to be more polished. The design looks sweet af, kind of resembling 3 popular post-apocalyptic worlds – Fallout, Mad Max and Borderlands. It’s going to be a truly epic shooter so hopefully, this time around, the fanbase catches up on it.

On a side note, we deliberately avoided mainstream games already scheduled for release such as new installments of Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, PES, and Battlefield serials. These games have gotten enough media coverage already, no need to push them any further, don’t you agree!?


Now let’s take a closer look at other noteworthy exhibitions that have already made lots of headlines. Nvidia, CD Projekt RED and Epic Games – 3 well known and immensely popular companies made sure their booths wouldn’t disappoint fans… even those craving for some extreme entertainment. So, with that being said, let’s see what did they have to offer:

New Nvidia GPUs

The biggest non-video-game announcement of Gamescom 2018 is definitely Nvidia’s new line of graphics cards. Even though there was plenty of speculation whether they’ll be called 11xx or 20xx, the debates were abruptly brought to an end. How? Well, with the official announcement of RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 TI. For those of you who don’t know, RTX stands for Raytracking, a relatively new rendering technique that promises a very high degree of realism not possible with rasterization.

Stock image of Nvidia GPUs

Image Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia initially promised a massive 600% boost in performance over last generation’s cards… but now they’re claiming the boost will be around 30-40%. However, take that with a grain of salt too since these cards now must wait for developers to include raytracing technology into their games.

Cyberpunk 2077 Art

CD Projekt RED, developers of the Witcher saga, are continuing hard work on their next big role-playing game. Cyberpunk 2077 is the name, and they’ve taken the liberty to present several outstanding pieces of art on this year’s Gamescom. Plus, some journalists were selected to play the demo and, needless to say, they were thrilled with how the game feels like. While we can’t show you the gameplay demos, the best piece of Cyberpunk 2017 art we sure can:

Fortnite Impressed Everyone

Even though Epic Games haven’t announced anything huge for their Gamescom 2018, in reality, their booth was one of the most popular ones. How is that possible? Well, t-shirt cannons, obstacle course, and even a freakin’ zip line that let fans zip through the crowd from above. It was very crowded for the entire day so I doubt everyone managed to get a shot on the zip line. Still, Epic Games proved just what a wonderful bunch of entertainers they really are.

Gamescom 2018 Highlights | Summary

Are you guys satisfied with our list of Gamescom 2018 highlights? I’m sure many of you were, especially hardcore fans who are now looking forward to the all-new series of Nvidia GPUs. As for professional gamers who play eSports for money, Gamescom 2018 highlights went in a different tone. For them, the biggest announcement must’ve been that new Overwatch Map. FIFA 19 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are also going to be notable eSports franchises, so they must have been in the focus of pros too.

As far as eSports betting industry is concerned, Gamescom 2018 wasn’t up to par. There were no booths announcing new bookies (at least not that we know of) or anything else related to betting on eSports. What are your thoughts on Gamescom 2018 highlights? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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Alber Nucci
3 years ago

i must say that RTX is the best in this article

Adelaide Delluci
3 years ago

When I see Cyberpunk 2077 pic, 1st thing comes to mind are awful but in this one this is differently perfect.

Randalph Patrick
3 years ago

Gamescom event is better than Game Awards this year. The award are totally robs from the games that should deserve the spot.