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GameStop Esports

GameStop is a company founded all the way in 1984 and was a part of many people’s childhoods. It is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless services retailer. Now, it is official – Gamestop is entering Esports!

GameStop Esports


What is not so fortunate, though, is that the company is struggling for years. With the evolution of Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, many people found it far more convenient to buy downloadable digital copies of their games. There are some advantages to having a physical copy, but eh, who’s gonna drive to a store to buy a game when you can just click?

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As a result, the company started declining and struggling. So, as a solution, they announced that they are partnering with Complexity Gaming to open up the GameStop Performance Center. Located in Frisco, Texas, it will share location with the Dallas Cowboys (by which Complexity Gaming is partially owned). The Performance Center will be a great effort to save the well-known brand.

The center is supposed to be the new headquarters for the said team. Of course, the 11,000 square foot venue will have more uses than that and will host events related to gaming – helping amateurs start their Esports career or helping gamers connect with each other and enjoy.

GameStop Esports, as expected, knows what they are doing. The venue will host a great arsenal of gaming equipment, for the Esports organization and others. They’ll have a public gaming area where people will be able to come in and enjoy their favorite activity.

One more idea GameStop has is to host Gaming Clinics – basically, programs to teach people how to play their favorite game. Some of the biggest titles they’ll do are Overwatch, Fortnite, or Call of Duty. The fans that attend these events will be encouraged to join amateur tournaments that will be held in the venue in the future.

GameStop Esports is not Stopping here, though. In addition to this venue, they are involving themselves in other Esports occurrences. They are partnering with Collegiate Star League to host online and on-campus tournaments. They are also planning to host Overwatch parties all across the USA. They will have competition in Philly, though, as in Philly there’s a $50 million arena in the making specifically to host Overwatch League matches.

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As GameStop was an epitome of video games for many decades, I feel like they are late for the party. Better late than never, however, as the company announced the hiring of a new CEO, George Sherman, to head the company to a new direction.


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