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Gaming Grandma Shirley Curry

There are a lot of stereotype assumptions when it comes to video games. The majority believes that it is mostly played by young kids who prefer to stay indoors all day. However, with the level of gaming today and the opportunities involved in it, those assumptions are gradually been squashed. Playing video games is definitely for every age, race and size! A gaming grandma can be found anywhere! And they do a pretty good job at playing games and streaming.

The Gaming Grandma – Who are They?

There has been news of gaming grandmas and even a grandma streamer! One such gaming grandma is Shirley Curry, commonly referred to as the Skyrim Grandma. She plays The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on her Youtube channel. It has about 750k subscribers with a viewership numbering well over 10 thousand. As a result of a fan petition, Bethesda Softworks, the video game publisher of the Elder Scrolls announced that the 83 years old Shirley will be immortalized with an appearance in Elder Scrolls 6.

Surprisingly, Shirley Curry is not the only the gaming grandma in town as there is also Tokyo’s 89-year-old, Hamako Mori. Hamako is no stranger to video games at all as she admitted to playing video games for four decades now. In 1981, she tried her hands on the Cassette vision console. Then, throughout the years she has played games like Dragon Quest and Legend of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls.

This gaming grandma stated that she watched people’s Let’s Play’s and decided to become a streamer grandma. She also stated the importance of video games, saying that people should start playing from a young age as it helps avoid dementia. Dementia is quite common in the elderly, unfortunately. Gaming certainly keeps your mind sharp as you have to stay alert for the most part. Concentration and mental ability plays a big part in gaming.

Also, in June this year, it was found that a woman who usually dressed up as a hot girl playing video games on Chinese streaming platform Douyu was a grandma streamer. The 58-year-old Qiao Bi Luo Sama would normally cover her face with a cute animation image during her streaming sessions. However, due to a software malfunction, her face was revealed during one of her co-streaming events with another popular streamer.

People are now realizing that gaming is not just for teenagers. These grandma streamers are helping show that video games should be embraced by all ages as they truly sharpen the brain. Moreover, a lot of things we do during a young age, we eventually won’t be able to do again when old. Activities like football, basketball or strenuous exercise. But playing video games will certainly never get old as there are thousands of them that one could choose from just to flex their finger muscles. And see, the elderly playing games not only entertains the masses, but keeps their brain sharp.

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Do you watch any of these gaming grandmas and grandpas? If so, let us know what you like about them in the comments below!

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