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We started our eSports betting website review series with one simple goal – provide our readers with only the most relevant eSports betting information. And we’re sticking to our initial plan, there is no question about it… One step at a time, some would say…

Bet on Dota 2 CSGO Banner with GG.Bet

And our step for today goes by the name of GG.bet. We are talking about a relatively new eSports bookmaker which has been doing itself quite the justice over the course of last year or so. But what’s so special about it? How is GG.bet stealing crowds from the current top dogs such as Bet365, Pinnacle, and BetWay? Well, there are several key factors at play here. No worries, we will cover them all in our in-depth GG.bet review!

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GG.bet Review | Available Betting Types

Let’s start this section off by stating that GG.bet is probably the most in-depth eSports betting website as far as betting types are concerned. No matter which game or crazy bet you want to bet on, chances are high GG.bet will have something special catered for you.

Take their CSGO bets as perfect examples – they got everything from match-winner 2-way, maps over/under, kills over/under all the way to round specific bets and outrights. It’s crazy – we’ve never seen such a comprehensive list of eSports bets and we’ve done our fair share of exploring the market.

GG.Bet Esports Betting Categories - Screenshot

Courtesy GG.Bet

Their betting odds aren’t far behind either. In comparison to the rest of the competition, they’re (in most cases) always somewhere in the top 5. It might not sound like much to you at first glance, but considering the competition out there, being in the top 5 means a great deal.

Payment Methods available at GG.bet

Needless to say, payment methods are a vital part of every solid eSports bookmaker. That’s why here, at our dedicated GG.bet review article, we’ll tell you all about their payment methods. For starters, they have a total of 50 deposit methods. Obviously, it would be too much to just list them all out here so let’s just name the most common bunch – Paysafecard, bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, and virtually all major credit card companies.

GG.Bet Payment Methods - Screenshot

Courtesy GG.Bet

In terms of withdrawal methods, there’s a fewer number of options. Don’t let this alarm you – that’s because some of their deposit methods are strictly used for depositing and don’t have any proper online wallet capabilities. There’s still a pretty good variety of withdrawal options, with Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Skrill and Neteller being the top guns here.

Customer Support on a Solid Level

If you’re looking for a good eSports betting website with a focus on the ultimate customer support experience, we’m happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place. Even though we won’t go too in-depth regarding customer support at GG.bet in our GG.bet review, we’ll still give you some basic information.

GG.Bet Customer Support Options - Screenshot

Courtesy GG.Bet

First of all, it’s really nice to see an eSports bookie offer 24/7 Online Customer Support. The communication goes over a live chat popup window which is easy to navigate. Just fill in your name and you will be redirected to an operator shortly after. The wait isn’t long and our conversation went smoothly. Additionally, you can also get in touch with GG.bet via phone or via dedicated Customer Support email. All kudos to GG.bet, a proper way to deal with customer support at display here!

GG.bet Review | Betting Licenses

Logo of Invicta NetworksAs far as betting licenses are concerned, you can rest assured GG.bet has taken care of everything. We are talking about a well-known and 100% legit business that’s operated by Brivio Limited. However, their gambling services are licensed by Invicta Networks which falls under Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Overall experience using GG.bet

Betting odds, options, high odds and plentiful payments are all nothing without a proper looking website. We’re no design freaks but we, as a consumer, want a polished and user-friendly experience no matter what website we’re on. The same goes for our bookies… As a matter of fact, that’s why we love GG.bet in the first place.

GG.Bet Home Page - Screenshot

Courtesy GG.Bet

Our on-site experience at GG.bet is nothing but rainbows and butterflies. The transitions are smooth, the login/sign up process is a breeze with plenty of social media account connections available. Also, the website itself is a beauty – as far as website fluidity and user experience are concerned, GG.bet is among the top players out there. And that’s not just our opinion – everyone in the industry seems to agree with us on this one. GG.bet really does do a great job as far as user experience is concerned!

How to find your favorite eSports bets

Finding your favorite eSports on GG.bet is as simple as it gets… In fact, let us repeat the same sentence from above – as far as website fluidity and user experience is concerned, GG.bet is among the top players out there. Surely better than even the bigger names in the industry, such as Bet365, which has an absolutely horrifying and confusing interface.

As for this GG.bet review – you’ll find the main eSports hub on the top left corner right next to the GG.bet logo. Once you’re there, on the bottom side of the page you will find the list of all available eSports games to bet on. we can guarantee you will be surprised at first because there are just so many titles available… cca 10 if we are to be more precise here.

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