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Giants Software announced they will invest in an Esports league for their hit title Farming Simulator 19 this year. With help from Logitec G, Intel, Noblechairs and Nitrado, the Farming Simulator League will be spread across ten tournaments in Europe with 250,000 on the line, with 100,000 at the championship at the end of the season. The league will use a circuit points format, though dates have not been announced for qualifiers nor the tournaments.

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“Competitive farming is something people (have enjoyed) for years now, but it hasn’t done in Esports so far,” said Christian Ammann, CEO of Giants Software. “We believe we have found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.”

farming simulator league

Players will compete in a brand new three-vs-three game mode in Farming Simulator 19. The players challenge each other instead of the previously used Bale Stacking. Giants Software stated the new competitive game mode will be fully revealed in upcoming weeks.

Farming Simulator 19 sold one million units in the first ten days of  its Nov. 20 release and is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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