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girl gamers on twitch 2019

As the biggest live streaming platform on the internet, Twitch offers millions of users all kinds of different content to watch and enjoy. Originally ment to be gaming based platform, it evolved into a platform that you can stream anything on. And even though male streamers seemingly dominate Twitch, female streamers make about 35% of the streaming population on Twitch. So are girl gamers on Twitch successful? Of course!

Maybe not so famous like the males and not making nearly the same amount of money as some male streamers, girl gamers on Twitch are doing well for themselves and getting paid enough to continue their work.

Who are the Most Paid Girl Gamers on Twitch?

Some of the more known girl gamers on Twitch are KittyPlaysGames, LegendaryLea and Kaceytron with 800,000 , 640,000 and 470,000 followers respectively. That is, if we don’t count subscribers and donations, around $10,000 to $20,000 a month. They mostly focus on the gaming side of Twitch, but in some cases they can even sing, paint or do some other stuff that brings them viewers and followers.

4. KittyPlaysGames

kittyplays girl gamers on twitch

KittyPlaysGames as the biggest girl streamer on Twitch, mostly plays games. She streams two times a day playing all kinds of games, but mostly her favorite PUBG and Overwatch. And on top of that, she is also known for her vlog, where she communicates with the audience talking about all kinds of stuff like cooking, travel and some experiences from her life as a supercar driver.

3. LegendaryLea

legendarylea richest girl gamers on twitch

LegendaryLea or Lea May Currier is a streamer that mostly plays Hearthstone, but none the less entertains her audience with friendly experience and interacting with them while playing the games. She also has a major in Physiology and Neuroscience which adds on her resume as a very smart and intelligent gamer that has succeeded in streaming.

2. Kaceytron

kaceytron highest paid girl gamers on twitch

Kaceytron, a League of Legends gamer that made herself known to her 470,000 follower base with bold and controversial personality. Known for being kind of a troll online, mocking and making fun of her opponents she often has a lot of fun on their tab. And while she has branded herself as a “fake gamer girl”, she definitely is one of the highest paid girl gamers on Twitch.

1. xMinks

xMinks twitch streamer

One more of the richest girl gamers on Twitch is xMinks, with more than 350,000 followers on Twitch and big talent that supports her follower count. Originally starting as a Call of Duty player, she recently passed on to Apex Legends proving herself around the world of gaming with a lot of fancy plays and quality content. At one time considered one of the best Call of Duty players in Australia, xMinks tries to reach the same success in the other games she plays.

With Twitch platform growing each day, we can expect the streamer count to grow and even more girl gamers to show up sharing their live streams with others and proving themselves in their favorite games. And even though we consider gaming as a mainly male occupation in recent years many girl gamers are proving the opposite on Twitch, with streaming, producing good content and even becoming popular in the gaming world.


Who knows, maybe some day soon the biggest Twitch streamers won’t be the male players that we know and love at this moment, but on the opposite it may be a girl that was focused enough on becoming the best she could be and reach her potential.

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