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According to several sources, Global Esports is planning to acquire a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Their motive is expansion and their Global Esports roster is going to be mostly Indian.

Global Esports is a professional Esports organization based in India that has teams for various games like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, or LoL. Right now, they are planning to expand to CS: GO. It was founded in 2017 by Dr. Rushindra Sinha (Known online as ‘Salbatic’). As of now, they own 7 teams across 4 titles.

Global Esports roster

Right now it’s the time of end-season team shuffling, and many players are looking for new opportunities. Not long ago,  Rahul “titoSAVAGE” Sridhar and Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose left their organization, 2EZ Gaming. Before that, Chinmay “PoK1” Mehta also left 2EZ Gaming and joined Entity Gaming. Besides these three players, it is said that Tejas “Rexy” Kotian too is looking to leave 2EZ.

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Entity Gaming has put Simar “Psy” Sethi and Bhavin “HellRangeR” Kotwani on the bench to have Đorđe “DJOXiC” Niciforović and Chinmay “PoKI” Mehta join them instead.

Some people speculate which players will receive which positions, but nothing is confirmed as of now. We are eager to see who will the Global Esports roster consist of, and wish them the best of luck!

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