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Thanks to recent news of Blizzard outright banning Blitzchung from competitive play for 12 months, stripping him of his winnings, and also firing the two casters ‘accused of being accomplices’, the gaming world has awoken. Many rushed to Blitzchung’s side in hopes of causing Blizzard to reconsider. An ambitious move. We all know companies like EA and Blizzard don’t truly care for their player base. And why should they? They can milk the community dry because there’ll always be someone willing to support them. On top of that, we’ve seen the Gods Unchained devs support Blitzchung!

How did the Gods Unchained Devs Support Blitzchung?

Immutable, the company behind Gods Unchained (a really cool gaming cryptocurrency platform), has shown direct support for Blitzchung following the news. News that the Gods Unchained devs support Blitzchung broke out on Reddit following a Tweet sent by Immutable.

If this isn’t the perfect time for gamers to learn more about gaming cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games such as Gods Unchained, I don’t know when is. Additionally, Immutable has already shown their unyielding support for cryptocurrencies and the harmonious relationship between cryptos and games. Gods Unchained is testament to that but the move still surprised the community.

Blitzchung hasn’t exactly won a couple of thousand dollars; he won 500k. This is big money. And Immutable is showing their support by deciding to cover all that prize money. Something Blizzard should never have repealed. After all, no matter his political standpoint, he earned the money by playing. Doing this was a power move and, according to many, a way for Blizzard to bow down to their Chinese overlords.

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The Aftermath of the Incident

This incident has sparked many discussions which can mostly be seen on Reddit. After all, Reddit is a massive platform that has a powerful voice (when united). One surprising event that transpired following Blizzard’s move was the resignation of Oagoz as moderator of the Hearthstone subreddit.

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It is good seeing the gaming community unite under one banner; fighting the good fight. It is also extremely disappointing experiencing the greed of these gaming companies. In just a moment, all of your hard work can disappear thanks to the powertrip of some. No matter what, seeing Gods Unchained devs support Blitzchung is a good sign. A sign showing that there is someone who will side with gamers.

What Happens with Blizzard?

Blizzard’s move also sets a precedent where, unless you completely agree with them on everything, you will get punished. And I’m not sure how well people will accept that once it starts happening. They’ve already shown who they are and what they do when it comes to protecting their own interests. They don’t care about you, they only care about cold, hard cash – which you so happily provide.

Or so everyone claims. As for who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong – you be the judge. But one thing is certain: What happened to Blitzchung isn’t fair.

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What do you think about Blizzard’s move? Was it justified or complete bullshit? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE 10.10.2019. – As of today, Blizzard’s banning of Blitzchung is officially classified as an International Incident. Talk about making smart moves in the industry. Absolute trainwreck for Blizzard.

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