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If you take a look at the freshest news coming out, you’ll see people wondering what is Gods Unchained. This is thanks to the recent reaction from Immutable. Here’s the deal – Blizzard banned Blitzchung following his on-stream support of Hong Kong protests. It was determined he did such a terrible thing, that all of this winnings would be stripped, he’d be banned from participating in Hearthstone Esports events for 12 months, and the two casters were also fired.

Immutable jumped in and offered to pay Blitzchung all the winnings he should have gotten. On top of that, they invited him to their own Esports tournament with a $500k prize pool. The tournament itself is played in Gods Unchained. And after this news broke ground a couple of days ago, people started being interested in Gods Unchained. Those who left Hearthstone because of Blizzard’s actions have turned to this game for entertainment and fun. So what is Gods Unchained and why should you play it?

Gods Unchained Explained

If you’ve at least a tiny bit of cryptocurrency knowledge, you’ll be familiar with Ethereum and maybe even blockchain. After all, Ethereum is based on blockchain technology – different from Bitcoin (though it’s also on a certain blockchain type).

Gods Unchained is a fantasy card game that functions on a blockchain. What this essentially means is that the entire card market is defined by the players themselves. Supply and demand play a big role in determining value. Additionally, once you have cards – they are yours forever (unless you decide to trade). This essentially gives strong values to cards, making them a great trading item. The premise of the game is similar to Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls Legends; earn card packs by leveling up, gain gold, earn extra raffle tokens (where you can win great prizes), and much more!

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It’s also a fast-paced game that’s quick to pick up. There are 6 main factions with unique cards. On top of those, there are neutral cards that can be used in any specified deck. Each deck must contain 30 cards with you having the freedom of creating one in any way you want. Simple, right?

Gods Unchained cards

Some of the rarer cards seen in game

The mana system is also interesting with clearly defined early, mid and late game periods. In the early game, cards that cost 1-4 mana get played. Mid game sees 4-7 mana cost cards and the late game features 7-9+ mana cost cards. So creating your deck requires a bit of theorycrafting. I found that most games last between 5-15 minutes. The card designs and slight background story are nice as well. You essentially play as a god fighting another god (player).

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But this all sounds like a regular fantasy card game that has similar mechanics to what’s already out there.

Gods Unchained Core vs Genesis Cards

So we’ve answered the ‘what is Gods Unchained’ question. Now onto what makes it so special (and why so many new users are pouring in every day). As said before, the cards you own always have an owner – you. Most cards you encounter in the game are Core cards. These cards are available to everyone playing Gods Unchained. They are not on the blockchain and can therefore, not be traded or sold. This is because of how easily you can get them and there’s really no value to them.

what is gods unchained genesis set of cards

The Genesis cards!

However, Genesis cards are the bread and butter of this game. Genesis cards are either very rarely available, or just as a one-time thing. Currently, there are around 380 Genesis cards and these cards are on the blockchain. Being on the blockchain gives them value, hence the ability to trade them. These cards are special and not quite easy to obtain. And once you get into the trading part of this game – it really expands your horizons on what you can do!

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So why Should you Play it?

To stick it to Blizzard of course! Jokes (or not) aside, Gods Unchained is loads of fun. There’s always something special about collecting as many unique cards as you can and with the added specialty that Gods Unchained features, it’s a blast!

Though I must say I suck at the game and have had many more losses than wins, you still get rewarded for playing all the time. It’s also worth mentioning that there aren’t infinite spots for players in Gods Unchained; currently you can access it through an invite link which we’re happy to supply!

In any case, if you want to boycott Blizzard after what they’ve done – join Gods Unchained and support the company that helped Blitzchung out! If you don’t want to get involved, just play the game and enjoy it!

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What do you think about the whole Blizzard situation? Have you tried playing Gods Unchained yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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