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When you have an idol or someone to look up to, you generally want to know a lot about them. And as far as Ninja is concerned, people want to know… a lot… about him. That’s putting it mildly.

In this article, we’ll be running through the Top 10 Most Searched Ninja Questions on Google – with answers to boot! So, Ninja, what are you hiding?

Number 10 – Who is Ninja Twitch?

ninja streamer

Well, obviously there are going to be people that want to know who this colorful young man is. To put it simply – Ninja is a Twitch streamer and Youtuber who rose to fame playing Fortnite.

Number 9 – Is Ninja Streaming?

A popular question that can be found popping up in Google’s search results mainly revolves around whether or not Ninja is currently streaming. Well, you can watch his streams for 10 hours each day because that’s how much he plays. Ten freakin’ hours of Fortnite. Every. Single. Day.

Number 8 – Is Ninja an Athlete?

Before he sold his soul to Fortnite, Ninja was actually an accomplished soccer player. He would play games, go to college, and go to soccer practice throughout his youth. Even today, with less football playing time, he can be considered an athlete since, well, he’s an Esports personality – who plays games for a living. So yeah, an athlete.

Number 7 – Does Ninja Have a Wife?

Sorry ladies, this Ninja isn’t a solitary one. He does have a wife called Jessica (with whom he shares his last name with, weird). Jessica Blevins. It has a nice ring to it. NinjaWife.

Number 6 – Does Ninja Play on PC?



After starting his gaming career with Halo and using his Xbox to its max potential, Ninja has switched to PC gaming. Besides, he’s one of the best PC Fortnite players around, recently breaking a record for victory royales (at 5,000 mind you).

Number 5 – Does Ninja Speak Spanish?

Si Señor. But yeah, on a serious note, he does! He took around 5 years of Spanish when he was younger and in college so he knows his way around the language (although as he says, his Spanish isn’t that good).

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Number 4 – How Long has Ninja Been Streaming?

He started streaming around 8 years ago. Come to think of it, the next question and answer really puts his success and growth into perspective. Fortnite streaming though, that has been going on since October 2017.

The reason why he’s been streaming for such a long time is because he’d been around when Twitch was founded (originally called Justin.tv) which explains his long commitment to Twitch.

Number 3 – How Long has Ninja Been Playing Fortnite

ninja twitch streamer

Ninja has been playing Fortnite for a bit longer than a year. During this period, he’s grown from having a couple of hundred subscribers on Twitch to tens of thousands. He also had collaborations with Drake (which broke the Twitch viewership record, previously held by Dr Disrespect), and more recently Neymar. In just a year, he has accumulated over 395 million total views on his Twitch channel!

Number 2 – What Does Ninja Make in a Year?

There have been speculation (which are edging closer to being fact) that Ninja makes around $500,000 on a monthly basis through his streaming work. Whether this is true or not, we can still make an assumption that Ninja makes well over $5 million every year from streaming, sponsorships, Twitch donations, etc.

Number 1 – How Many Subscribers Does Ninja Have on Twitch

ninja sub count

Ninja’s current number of subscribers on Twitch is 44,705. Keep in mind that subscribers pay $5 for a subscription. As far as followers are concerned, there’s almost 400,000 of them (which is insane when you think about it). Overall, Ninja is one of, if not the, most popular Twitch streamers of today. The numbers back these claims up!


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