Twitch Takes Legal Action Against 100 Users Due to Illegal and Graphical Content
Arian Travica       
In the past few weeks, Twitch has been an awkward place due to the graphical content circulating around the platform. We...
Overwatch Contenders Player Suspected of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor
Arian Travica       
The dreadful news of the sexual misconduct perpetrated by the Overwatch Contenders player Tae-in ‘FR3E’ Yoon, spread...
Female CS:GO Pro “Sindi” Responds to Racial Slurs Accusal
Arian Travica       
The last few days have seen female CS:GO Pro Tatyana “Sindi” Gracheva in the center of attention due to her ...
R6S Pro League Teams Accused of Match-Fixing
Arian Travica       
The alleged match-fixing news which swept the R6S community last week hasn’t quietened down. Black Dragons and FaZ...
Boston Uprising Owner Robert Kraft Accused of Soliciting Prostitution
Arian Travica       
Hard times to come for the Boston Uprising owner Robert Kraft, as the 77-years old businessman faces misdemeanor charges...
Overwatch League’s Dogman Gets a Haircut Live
Arian Travica       
While we’ve all written things online we regret later on, few can say the past came back to haunt them as it did with ...
Overwatch League Pro Deprived of Month’s Salary After a Tasteless Remark
Arian Travica       
The Chengdu Hunters DPS player Zhang “YangXiaoLong” Zhihao has been fined his month’s salary, as it has been revea...
Former Esports Star Confessed to 100+ Burglaries
Filip Gereg       
Tomoyuki “Katsuninken” Inui, a 33-year-old former FGC champion and an Esports star was recently arrested in ...
How Big is Esports Today?
Filip Gereg       
So just how big is this new thing we now all know as Esports? It is currently one of the fastest expanding trends nowa...