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In Asia Minor upper bracket, team Grayhound has proven itself superior to team MVP PK, beating them 2-1. 9-16 on Nuke, and 16-8 on both Cache, and Dust2.

Map Nuke was chosen by MVP PK, Cache by Greyhound.

First round on Nuke started with Korean team MVP PK winning their terrorist pistol on the back of doubles from Hyun-Pyo Lee “XigN” and Seon-Ho Son “xeta”. Greyhound would get back on the board only four rounds later, but they have been immediately countered with a triple kill from XigN.

The dominance of the Korean team continued all the way until the tenth round. The Australians near picked up the lead, but xeta retaliated and beat them strung-up with only 1 hp in a 1v2 situation. It seemed like this Asia Minor upper bracket fight is going solely to MVP PK’s favor.

This was the moment Australians thought enough was enough, and lost only one more round before switching sides 5-10.

In the second half of the game, MVP PK started off with visible confidence, and went off to perform a five-round winning streak. Grayhound tried to flip the odds and had four winning rounds 9-15, but it was not enough.

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Next up was Cache, map of choice by Grayhound. The game started with MVP PK again taking the lead, winning three rounds. In a big response, the Australian team chained up six round wins one after another. This meant that this Asia Minor upper bracket battle was becoming uncertain.

Despite managing to win two more rounds, MVP PK could not find a way to breach the wall of bullets rained by Grayhound until half-time, 5-10. The Koreans won their fourth pistol of the series, managing to reduce the deficit to three rounds. Still, Grayhound just led the way to the third map without much effort, 16-8.

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Dust2 is a decider map. The battle started off with Erdenetsogt Gantulga “erkaSt” landing a triple kill, securing first pistol. MVK PK bravely replied with a force-buy. The game started going in all directions, with scores jumping back and forth. The atmosphere was just not cooling down. Eventually, MVK PK managed to equalize the score to 5-5.

After that, Grayhound took the lead again and secured five rounds in a row, securing 10-5. This is when Liam Schembri “malta” topped the scoreboard for the first time, with 17 frags.

The second half started off with both dexter and Dickstacy getting doubles.  MVP PK lost one more round, before finding a footing on the map. This, however, had no effect on the outcome since it was simply too late. Euan Moore “sterling” and Erdenetsogt Gantulga “erkaSt” aced and added a quad-kill for their team, securing the victory of this Asia Minor upper bracket fight to 16-8.


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