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Halo esports

Things have been looking better than ever at 343 Industries for the past few months. They saw success with the reaction to their brand new game: Halo Infinite. However, there is ongoing speculation on what the Esports scene will bring and whether or not the people behind the game will deliver the fans a Halo game truly worth competing in.

During the span of Halo 5 and it’s three-year tenure as the title in 343’s Esports rotation, accomplishments were made. Tournaments were revived, champions crowned, and the crowd has grown almost as big as it was during the MLG Golden Era. During the past three years, viewership had flourished, then declined, and then once again flourished at the end of the third Halo World Championship. Despite the difficulties within the Esports scene, the prize pools were raised. This was a result of crowdfunding through Halo 5’s system of REQ Packs.

Halo 5 game

Halo Esports has had its ups and downs but rumor has it that 343 has heard the fans’ calls. There is speculation that Halo will return to its classic roots. No spartan abilities, and little to no features that were introduced in titles from Halo 4 to Halo 5: Guardians. Halo fans are rejoicing as speculation continues to grow. Yet still, no official word has come out yet on whether or not these rumors are true.

Competitors are hoping for another Pro Lan Circuit filled with LAN Events hosted by Major League Gaming (MLG). Players hope this will attract viewers and attendees to an event. This could, in turn, bring Halo back to the top of console Esports.


The time gap between the present and the release of the next installment of the Halo franchise is still wide. Despite that, the hopes and hype created by the fans stay strong. As we get more footage and announcements regarding the progress of Halo Infinite, we’ll see what 343 Industries truly has in store for us.

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