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Heavy Metal Machines is a free to play MOBA game where 4v4 players race and battle in cars. You can choose three different roles: Interceptor, Support, and Transporter. Like any other MOBA game, Heavy Metal Machines features different characters, all with different characteristics and stories. In this case, there is 13 of them. Now, it is announced that we will see Heavy Metal Machines in Esports.

Recently they announced that they will be hosting a competitive team tournament, the “Metal League”. You can enter this competition from anywhere around the world and compete for a 5.000 euro cash prize. This comes in as approximately 5.646 USD.

Heavy Metal Machines in Esports

This game features seasons, and the current “Metal Pass” season is named “Sect of Metal”Each new season will feature Heavy Metal Machines in Esports championship. This is going to be the first one and will start on the 9th of March. The winners on that day will get a 2000 euro reward, and the finals will feature eight teams battling for the winner title.

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The event will be hosted on the European server. You can join from the Americas as well, but we guess that, logically, there will be higher latency. In the future though, from the second season forwards, there will be “Metal League” tournaments in those regions as well.

If you are looking for teammates for Heavy Metal Machines in Esports, you can find help in their official Heavy Metal Machines Discord at http://bit.ly/2Q067ai and the official Facebook group.


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