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Just like in any other game, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it is quite advantageous to know the game’s mechanics well. If you do, you can utilize them to their fullest potential and dominate on the map. So, here are a few CSGO tips and tricks!

Let’s start with play tactics. It is important to know how to catch your opponent off guard. If they are not expecting you, or are not able to return fire, you are at a significant advantage. Exploit every such situation, and create them.

CSGO tips and tricks


Knowing your utility and how to use them inventively is the next thing. Learning new smokes, molotovs, flashbangs, and related tactics will all help push your team further.

Also, different gun and rifle statistics are plentiful and important! In order to find your optimal weapon, you first need to know them. Some people prefer head-to-head fights, others prefer sneaky play. There’s a lot of variants so get to know them.

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Of course, all that is in vain if you do not know how to aim properly! You need practice. In order to sharpen your reflexes, develop tactical thinking, speed up your motoric skills – all that is possible only through practice. Of course, I’m sure you won’t find that hard. CS: GO is fun!

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Sometimes, it’s all about details. You need to learn how maps work. You could learn several spam spots, new angles of grenade throws, smoke ricocheting… You get the drill. Positions are often key.

Dedicate your time. There are countless videos that will give you valuable CSGO tips and tricks. Visually, learning is even easier, and by absorbing as much info as you can, you are on your way to dominance!


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