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HotNow is A Gamified Hot Token Ecosystem

What is HotNow ?

HotNow is a lifestyle-retail digital marketing app available on ios and android. HotNow allows brands and merchants to deliver exclusive in-app promotions to nearby customers using access granting Hot Tokens. 

Currently active in Thailand with approximately 700,000 downloads and counting, HotNow aims to revolutionize the lifestyle retail space through a gamified token ecosystem. 

A Gamified Hot Token Ecosystem

With the great impact of blockchain and related technologies in recent times, HotNow has evolved from a real-time digital marketing app into a gamified token ecosystem based on micro-transactions and an utility access Hot Tokens (based on Stellar Lumens protocol, symbol: HOTtm).

For consumers, a Hot Token is an access-granting token to the best promotions and deals a business can offer. While for businesses, HOT is a means to explore the real price elasticity of their demand function. The goal of HOT is to become the dominant currency for all transactions in the HotNow network. This will be possible once the value of HOT stabilizes, in the eyes of both the consumers and businesses and consumers.

HOT TOKEN Ecosystem infographic

A Gamified Hot Token (HOT) Ecosystem

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How is the HotNow ecosystem created?

The HotNow ecosystem was created by:

  • Emphasizing mechanics found in various “freemium” video games and similar game mechanics that help increase consumer engagement and shop conversion rates. 
  • Innovating Individually-tailored loyalty programs for cash-based businesses along with tools that enable sellers to create organizations and resolve coordination hurdles like aggregating purchasing power and shared loyalty programs.
  • Deeply analyzing the spending history data of consumers to create “credit profiles” for those without actual financial history to be able to access micro-loans.

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The HOT Value System

The Hot token economy rewards participants (buyers and sellers) with HOT™ for every action made that keeps the HotNow ecosystem growing. For example, referrals that lead to new users becoming active on the platform, selling and buying services and products, participating in writing reviews, social activities, etc.

The HOT Value System infographic

The HOT Value System

The Hot Wallet

HotNow also includes an integrated wallet in which HOT tokens can be stored and used in the following manner:

  • For Consumers, HOT is used to gain access to merchant promotions and deals that are advertised on the HotNow app
  • For Merchants, HOT is be used to gain brand exposure and pay for accurately targeted advertising and related services
  • For HotNow, HOT is used as a way to incentivize and reward merchants and consumers who perform qualified activities that encourage sustainability and growth of the ecosystem

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What is HotPlay?

The HotNow app has mission-based games covering some of the most successful game genres like territory conquering and treasure hunting. This gamified environment has led to an enhanced user experience, resulting in an economic benefit for all parties within the network.  

Its new HotPlay service is the world’s first fully integrated cryptocurrency game. The service allows games to fully integrate with our Marketplace system, so users can buy and sell digital assets, real-life coupons, ad space and received in-game prizes as well. 

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Evergleam Hill – Real Rewards, Discounts and Promotions

Evergleam Hill - The world’s first fully integrated crypto game powered by HOT

Evergleam Hill – The world’s first fully integrated crypto game powered by HOT

You can check out their new game, Evergleam Hill, on HotNow today! It’s a single-player game where you try to amass a fortune by mining gold.

While most video games only give players the ability to win virtual goods and accumulate high scores, Evergleam Hill allows them to enjoy real life rewards. 

So, if you are thinking of buying your favourite watch, smart phone, laptop or anything in between and don’t have the money for it, start playing Evergleam Hill and collect your transactional HOT Tokens today!

You can check HotNow’s official website and YouTube channel for more updates or join the conversation on their Telegram.

Download the HotNow App on  ios or android today!

Give the App a try and let us know you’re experience in the comments below!

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