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So, are you interested in League of Legends betting? LoL is officially the largest online game in the world. With that in mind, the betting industry is developed, and there is money to be made. Here’s a beginner guide on League of Legends betting!

League of Legends is a massively popular MOBA game. It combines the RPG and RTS genre elements in a very fun way. Two five-players teams combat each other on a map with three lanes with a large variety of champions. It was officially announced in 2008 and released as a beta in April 2009. It started off its life at 2005 as a mod for Warcraft III, but Dota players thought it was so innovative, it should become a standalone game.

League of Legends betting

When learning what teams bring the best odds, it is interesting to notice that many of the best teams come from South Korea. This is a country that started the entire Esports scene all the way back in 1994! The country is holding to its culture firmly, as the current best team in the world is SK Telecom T1. Individually, the best player in the world is “Faker”, who also comes from SK.

League of Legends betting

Other than Asia, Europe and North America also have some very high-quality teams. In Europe, the title is held by G2, while the NA champions are TSM. Arguably, the best non-Korean player is Bjergsen, who comes from Denmark and plays for the TSM team.

The most popular type of League of Legends betting is on the result of a match. This is also known as the Money Line. The offered odds are based on the team’s recent win-loss ratio. This, of course, does not have to fulfill. You can be lucky enough to bet on a lower odds team and win more money.

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As this game is only played on one map, called Summoners rift, you don’t need to worry about maps.

There is also a possibility to bet using “handicap betting”. You can bet on a side to win one map in series, or to win without dropping a map.

As this game is played by only five players per team, every individual player is extremely important. Aside from individual players, line-ups also matter a lot since the game is so packed with different champions and setups, that some line-ups don’t work well against others.

It is also worth mentioning that communication within a team is key. If a team contains players of different nationalities, this can impair their communication abilities. There are only five players, so every one of them has an important role in the outcome at all times.

When it comes to tournaments you can bet on, some examples are Major League Gaming, IEM events, IGN Pro League and many, many others with LoL present. As already mentioned, LoL is the biggest online game in the world, so it is safe to assume it will appear on most of the events. The highlight of LoL Season are LoL Championship Series. Riot Games invested large amounts of money to get it going and launched LoL CS in 2014.

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