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As gaming culture expands by the very second, few have not managed to see, that girls are no mere spectators of this outburst. Let’s face it, an image of a male-dominated world, where obsessive individuals spend countless hours playing video games is being thoroughly debunked. Across the world, feminine touch is doing its part to assure us how wrong we were. So what does this mean for Thai girls and gamers?

Thailand’s gaming industry has lately experienced an immense expansion, with predictions for its internet economy being more than promising in the future. Digital gaming and e-commerce sectors are reaching their maximum potential, placing Thailand’s market at the top of Southeast Asia. Such a growing community makes a perfect place to see how does that affect the relationship between Thai girls and gamers.

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Why Thai Women love playing video games?

After giving this question a second thought, I can only ask why Thai women wouldn’t love playing video games?

pie chart dating gamers

How girls feel about dating gamers (Source: girlgamergalaxy.com)

They get to conquer the day to day adventures staying indoors while being entertained by the thriving community of gamers that truly understand how to play the dating game.
Recent polls have shown that females in Thailand compose over 40 % of the gaming community. This number is sure to increase as the time goes on, and even puts males at risk of being overthrown in the figures!

Thai Anime Girl

I personally believe there has been a positive change in the gaming industry, where more and more female players from around the world are getting involved in eSports. Not sure why it took so long for Thai girls and gamers to join forces, but it looks they will definitely show each other the ins and outs of gaming they have been missing out!

Are Thai girls turned on by gamers?

Thai girls have been well assured that gamers are more than aware of how much time and commitment it takes to acquire something they badly want. Gamers certainly can’t keep their eyes off a proper challenge and the relationship is one that they won’t take a chance to miss. Also, a thing that is said to awaken women’s lust is her boyfriend showing untenable desire.  With this in mind, I doubt Thai girls ever tell gamers to find something better to do.

Thai Match

It comes to me as no surprise when we talk about gamers and skill. There is no lying about it, one is sure to follow the other. Thai girls certainly love their boyfriends knowing how to steer the way and take the best from any situation thrown in front of them. Aside from their boyfriends knowing how to lead the way, count in that they are sure to pass the torch and show great companionship when you need it the most. There is no denying that gamers understand the importance of trust in order to make a team work, and Thai girls are sure to have noticed that.

Anime girls and gamers

I for one certainly know how important it is to make every decision count in games I play. Just like me, gamers everywhere are certainly aware that one wrong move takes the whole game to the starting point. With this taken into consideration, girls can definitely expect from their males to know how to make every move worth the effort!

Another thing that is sure to keep Thai girls’ feelings literally awake, Is the fact that their boyfriends truly know how to work off the clock. Day or night makes no difference, time is irrelevant when it comes to gamers. Had a busy schedule? No worries, they will be waiting in the same corner you left them, ready to make a switch to any game you offer them. Maybe girls will have to wait a moment or two for the previous game to finish, but after that, the possession is sure to be regained.

As a matter of fact, Thai girls love it when their boyfriends spend time at home so they can nurture them. This sets for the perfect opportunity for them to try and get them into cuddling, ordering food and watching TV or simply playing video games.

Sounds to me that the chemistry has done a perfect combination for Thai girls and gamers to make up a match made in heaven, where joy, pleasure, and fun are part of the daily emotional description. Gamers know how to keep it simple and are aware of the essentials to make a girl happy.  Knowing this, it’s hard to see how wouldn’t a Thai girl’s wildest adventure be a gamer.

Thai girl playing games

 A Thai girl’s naughty dream; a gamer boyfriend.

Thai girls are not to be blamed for being kinky when it comes to gamer boyfriends, as the brain has little power over fantasies. Not only are naughty dreams completely invadable, but they also let us explore our fantasies in the desired manner. This sets a whole lot of space for fulfilling wild imagination.

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Truth to be told, when it comes to creativity, they will be lacking none of it with their boyfriends. Not only can they take on plenty of roles that have been tempting their boyfriend’s appetite, but will also go with them into a world of magic and limitless adventure. Be assured that naughtiest has been taken from the unconscious, as their boyfriends are no strangers to the other realm.

Being a gamer definitely sets Thai girls expecting hands to be well coordinated and trained, opening up space for the perk to be used in plenty of ways. After all, fantasies do come from reality, and the dreams are just truth waiting to happen. Make sure not to leave Thai girls waiting for theirs to happen for too long!

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