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Yup, you heard it here first folks. For just $4.50 an hour, someone, I repeat, someone will keep you company and fight your battles with you in Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and much, much more.

Get your League of Legends sparring partner at daofengdj.com!Image credit : daofengdj.com

If you’re feeling lonely in the middle of the night, a tempting voice of an anime school-girl will advertise herself to you in an online chat room hosted by Daofeng eSports Games. She will offer you companion in any given virtual-gaming way.

She will not be the only one presenting herself to you, not at all. A couple of more will line-up to audition, making it a compelling experience for you, as you are in a virtual brothel. And please, don’t be confused if an anime school-boy approaches you as well.

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The host of Daofen eSports Games is a negotiator between you and the companions that you can hire. After you enter a chat room, simply state your requirements for a companion player/players. The next thing you know, the negotiator brings in companions to meet your requirements.

You won’t last 3 minutes playing these addictive games!

Image credit : daofengdj.com

Sick, sick world we live in, but at least you won’t be a lonely fella while playing League of Legends.

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