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Not long ago, there were some significant pricing updates to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is when AUG first became a more serious player in the game. The SG-553 and AUG scoped rifles received new prices and took a new position in buying and using strategy. After this update, now at the IEM Katowice AUG use simply skyrocketed.

Let’s take a closer look at the statistics. The price adjustment does not look very big at a first glance. However, it has made a massive impact on how much the rifle is bought. Before, it was rarely used, but now, it became the second most popular buy in the game, second only to the AK-47!

In London Major 2018, AUG does not appear on the list of most used weapons at all.

IEM Katowice AUG use

Image Credit: Luckbox

Many professional players now see AUG as an overpowered gun. Take a look at how it ranks now, at IEM Katowice 2019:

Image Credit: Luckbox

Beforehand, AUG ranked below the not-so-popular MP9, which had 2.68% of usage. Today, it is at an impressive 23.97% and is a topic between many professional players.

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Was this change too drastic? Is the gun simply too capable now? We are yet to see what the developers have to say about it. But before that, we’ll see a lot of pros enjoy it at this state!

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