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Sleep Performance Coaching is the new healthcare Esports Industry requires.

Throughout our lifespan, we’ve learned that a contrasting training routine, with a good mixture of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals will lead us to the healthy life our bodies require. And for a long period of time, this was just enough to keep us going in the right direction. But due to our civilization moving towards the digital world, sleeping problems are occurring more often than ever, and so does the need for sleep performance coaching.

The Importance of Sleep for Gamers

Constantly setting our eyes upon computers, laptops, tablets, and other technology has damaged our nervous system and its normal behavior towards sleep. Unfortunately, this problem especially affects our Esports fanatics. Their dedicated love towards video games makes them sit down at a computer for over 14 hours a day. If done on a daily basis, this affects their optical system in a way where they would forget to blink. This phenomenon occurs when the brain gets too addicted to the information our screens provide, making it pleasuring for the brain just to look at it. But this activity occurs only in the worst case scenario.

Sleep Coaching Performance is becoming a necessity in the Esports industry.

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The truth is that we have always been aware of the importance of sleep. Getting a good night sleep is beneficial to our day-to-day basis, with improvement in health and regaining strength for our nervous system. However, statistics now show that people who are involved in the Esports industry, suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, or even worse, insomnia.

For these types of sleep problems, the brain needs to learn again how to function properly, and to recognize when it needs rest. With this said, if you found yourself in this position, we highly recommend to get yourself a sleep performance coaching to help you break down your habits, form new healthy ones, and get back on track.

The Importance of Sleep Performance Coaching as a Profession in the Esports Industry

People who are involved in the Esports industry usually have troubles involving themselves into trends in healthcare, simply because of their belief that ‘it’s not too much big of a deal‘. Unfortunately, we start to acknowledge its importance at the point when it’s close to ‘too late‘, or worse. To prevent this, reaching out to sleep performance coaching is the best solution that the new healthcare-profession currently offers.

A Sleep Coach will help you break down your sleep habits, find more beneficial behaviors for you to implement regarding your gaming sessions and track the whole progress towards the ending result. The progress itself can take a couple of months, but for the worst-case-scenarios, it can last up to two years. This is nothing to be worried about, as long as you start treating yourself right, you are on the right-track.

The list of illnesses that can occur without enough good night sleep. Sleep Coaching Performance is here to help you fight the diseases.

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This new profession in healthcare raises a question on how does the pricing range between Sleep Coaches. They are in the same radius as if you’re hiring a Personal Trainer. According to the latest article published on www.fastcompany.com, a six-session package would cost you $495. When breaking it down to one session, it would cost you $82.50.

Sleep Performance Coaching as Your Healthcare

The sleep coaching performance treatment comes with a cost, but nothing should stand in your way in getting a good-night-sleep. If you don’t get enough rest, your daily gaming productivity decreases. If you decrease in gaming productivity, you become more unsatisfied with your results. And if you’re less satisfied with your results, you get more tensed up, which leads up to less good rest.

It can turn into a devastating cycle, and for most of the time, it comes unnoticed. If you find yourself in this possition, there is no shame in reaching out for sleep performance coaching. Remember, you spend a 1/3 of your life getting a good night sleep so you could withstand the other 2/3. Better do it right.

Sleep is of utmost importance for your quality gaming sessions.

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