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As the day three of DreamLeague’s Major comes to an end, the unthinkable just happened. Team Liquid, the winners of the Dota 2 International 2017 with it’s $10.8 million prize pool, has just been knocked out of the DreamLeague’s Major competition in the elimination round by Chaos!

Image Credit: DreamHack

Team Liquid is known for its inseparable team roster that held together since Dota 2’s International 2017, and astonishing leadership by Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi. During the years in the Dota 2’s professional scene, players sinergized almost every tactic, practicing immensely, and striving to become one of the best-known teams of all time. But what just happened?

The game begins with Chaos taking the first blood on Kuro, but like any other game, Team Liquid continues forward. After the first blood, Matumbaman engages in a duel with w33.haa on middle, and with taking too much damage, gets baited out, and falls to Chaos’s second kill. Meanwhile, on top lane, MinD_ContRol stays out of position for too long, and the third kill goes to Chaos, after which Gh gets ganked up at the bounty rune, and MinD_ContRol, yet again, gets out of position on top lane.

With 5 kills within 5 minutes for Chaos, Team Liquid had to respond or the game would be over before it even started. Matumbaman as being the only one with a decent level in the game secures a couple of kills for his team. Without a doubt, this would’ve saved Team Liquid, if then misery’s from Chaos didn’t start his insane ganks, putting his team in a 5k gold lead by the minute 10!

After this, Team Liquid just goes into panic. Chaos swiftly grabs Roshan, and starts to 5-man push, without stopping. Team Liquid at this position has no idea what is happening, as they’re being swiped in each team fight over and over. By the time Chaos got to the mid rax, having a 24 to 7 kill advantage, Liquid calls for ‘GG’.

team chaos

Team Chaos performed immaculately. Dominating within all lanes, perfectly timing combos, and strategically reading every move their opponent makes; while Team Liquid, losing their control in the early game, insufficiently trying to come back, were all over the place.

It is sad to see that one of Dota 2’s biggest hopes, diminished so easily from the DreamLeague Major competition.

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