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EChampions League Final in Madrid

A journey never before seen which began in Manchester on April 26th is coming to an end on the 31st of May in Madrid with a prize-pool of 100,000 dollars up for grabs,  the inaugural eChampions league which saw a total of 64 players combined is now left with just 8 players who advanced to the main stage. The echampions league group stage was a very exciting event to watch as we saw tournament favourites like, Maestro, msdossary, tekkz , Nicolas all exit at some point. The exodus of these great players even makes the finals a very unpredictable one to watch as any of the 8 players definitely has what it takes to be crowned the champion.

The 8 players who will be playing for everything at the inaugural eChampions league


Echampions league Finals Promo

  • DrNightWatch

Not currently signed to any esport brand, he raised eyebrows when he defeated F2tekkz in the round of 16, a very impressive feat indeed and he will be looking to continue with this by winning in Madrid.

  • AlanAvi

Hails from the United States of America, and an FC Dallas representative, he is not the favourite in the match against Night watch, but you never know what may happen, with Alan, there are always surprises.

  • coL Joksan

Another player from the US who will be going up against Zezhino, a pro player for complexity who showed msdossary the door in the round of 32, he is definitely one to look out for.

  • TG Zezinho

The Brazilian player who has everything to prove and has shown that he can compete at grand stages will be looking to add to his momentum by taking down Joksan and moving to the Semis.

  • Rafsou

Vitality’s only player in the competition after he had to eliminate his team member  Maestro and book his spot in the last 8, he will be looking to bring the trophy home for team vitality but he is pit in a match with Chris so this will definitely come down to the best of the best!

  • NYC_Chris

This is a player who needs no introduction to grand stages as he has been on them severally and will be looking to make this one count and get that trophy that keeps eluding him, his match against Rafsou will be an exciting one to see.

  • Marcuzo

When Denmark FIFA esports is mentioned, the King Marcuzo immediately comes to mind, he will be looking to replicate his domestic dominance on an international stage.

  • xLevVinken

A player who just yesterday, signed with Mkers will be looking to make his team and himself proud by becoming the 1st ever echampions league winner but however to do so, he must face the fierce battle between him and Marcuzo

It is nerve-wracking to even begin to think on who will win this tournament because it is one of those you just sit back, watch and enjoy as it is going to be an interesting one but the thought, all the same, lingers in our minds….. who is going to be crowned champion.

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