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What is a Speedrun?

For those of you who might not be aware, a speedrun is essentially a play-through of any video game performed in order to complete the game or a part of it in the shortest time possible. On one hand, you might feel that a story-based game has become useless after completing it, since it has no more challenges to offer. On the other hand, some people try to achieve new speedrun records after completing these types of games by attempting to complete them as fast as they can.

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the best gaming speedruns the world has ever witnessed.



Any% means that the Speedrunner must attempt to complete the game in the shortest time possible by any means. This is in contrast with 100%, or any other limitations set forth.


8. Flower: Sonic the Hedgehog (14 Minutes 41 Seconds)

Speedrunning usually involves a number of glitches, which grant an extra advantage to the players. They are negated by the general audience for violating the conditions of how it is intended to be played. However, speedrunning can also be done without glitches, as proven to us by Flower, a Russian speedrunner.

He managed to beat the entire Sonic game without using any glitches in just over 30 minutes. By comparison, it takes any regular player an average of 2 hours.


7. Catalyst: Dark Souls (31 Minutes 51 Seconds)

Speedrun records are hard to beat and Dark Souls is no exception.

Catalyst is one of the most famous Dark Souls speedrunners. Nearly 8 months ago, he managed to break Saastutin’s record, thus achieving his own world record. He completed the game in just 31 minutes. He did this through a trick called Area Transition Clipping. Here’s the explanation:

In terms of collision, the world of Dark Souls is broken up into 17 distinct areas. When the game is loading, only the area you were last in will be loaded immediately, with nearby ones following shortly afterward. This can be exploited in a variety of ways to fall through the ground at most of the transition points.

Catalyst did this via Dragon Tooth route in the Any% Category.


6. Behemoth: Super Metroid (40 Minutes 56 Seconds)


If you ever happen to talk about execution and skill in speedrunning, you surely can’t forget Behemoth. He’s the current world record holder for the fastest Super Metroid playthrough, with a record time of under 40 minutes. His skill, execution, and strategies are unmatched.

Behemoth finished the game in Any%. After his previous record of 41:02 was broken, he was particularly hopeless for a period of time. Nonetheless, he didn’t give up and managed to finally score a time in 40 minutes.


5. LackAttack24: The Legend Of Zelda (27 Minutes 57 Seconds)


Bringing classic games back to life might not be the most popular trend, but the game has gained popularity through speedruns over the last few years. Following this trend, LackAttack24 finished Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda in 27 minutes and 57 seconds last month.

A few people may contend that his achievement is negated by the utilization of glitches, however, there are numerous categories for each speedrun.

The one which LackAttack24 competed in is “any%”, which requests that the player finish the game in the most limited amount of time conceivable. No outside gear like hacks or cheat codes may be utilized, yet glitches are reasonable.


4. Can’t Even: Portal (6 Minutes 57 Seconds)


A Speedrunner named Can’t Even has set the new world record for the “Out of Bounds” category in Portal. He zoomed through the game in a rankling 6 minutes and 57 seconds, toppling his own past record of 7 minutes and 12 seconds. The run is quite bewildering.

The fundamental play of this Portal speedrun category includes getting the camera beyond the field of play and shooting an entrance.

What is so astounding to me about the run is how exact the shots are over the map. What might look like totally irregular shots into glitch space are, unmistakably, strategically picked vantage points. Furthermore, the sheer control and remembrance this requires are well beyond amazing.


3. Cheese: Mario 64 (1 hour 39 Minutes 15 Seconds)


Many people have tried to speedrun the classic Mario 64 in the past. It is regarded as the most popular game to speedrun. Entirely completing the game can take up to 12-13 hours, but speedrunners have managed to complete it in a fraction of that time.

Recently, a Spanish player named Cheese attempted to complete the entirety of the game. After nearly an hour and 40 minutes, he was able to defeat Bowser to achieve a record time. He managed to collect all 120 stars in the game.


2. mPap: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (20 Minutes 36 Seconds)


Gamer mPap was set to break the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out speedrun record and he did precisely that. Moreover, rather than simply breaking the record he did it WHILE WEARING A BLINDFOLD.

So he didn’t utilize anything but muscle memory and his ears to break the previous world record by 37 seconds. At the point when the residue had at long last settled, mPap broke the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out speedrun world record. One of the more intriguing speedrun records to date.


1. Rydou: Fallout Three (14 Minutes and 54 Seconds)


If you are talking about speedrun records, you definitely can’t miss out on this one. Rydou became the first player to complete Fallout Three in just under 15 minutes. JUST 15 MINUTES. Fallout Three takes a player an average of three-four hours to complete and Rydou did it in only 15 minutes. He commented on his achievement by admitting that he had used glitches and bugs to his advantage. Also, since the challenge was to speedrun it at Any%, he didn’t indulge in combat.

Players would normally do that since it’s an essential aspect of the game which makes it entertaining. He further elaborated saying that his gameplay was contrasting to many other players, since it was done for the purpose of a speedrun.

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