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Overwatch has quite a diverse scene of different heroes. Recently, they unveiled their 30th hero on the PTR – Baptiste. As people are taking first looks at the stats of the newcomer, some state that Baptiste in Overwatch is no less than overpowered.

Let’s start off with his “more regular” properties: as he is a healer, he can throw a Regenerative Burst. This gives a healing buff to all allies that are standing near him at the time. They don’t have to stay near him to continue receiving the buff, it’s enough to be there when he casts it.

For the main weapon, he wields an SMG. His ability called Bionic Launcher can remotely heal every ally that was in close proximity where it landed. So well, so far.

But from here it gets rather interesting. The first ability that caught people’s eyes is Immortality Field, that does exactly as it is called. It’s a device that when dropped, creates a field in which allies can’t die or drop below 20% health. It is essentially a counter for everything.

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Pretty crazy, huh? But here’s the good part – it’s not an ultimate attack. You can use this over the course of the battle regularly.

His ultimate attack is called Amplification Matrix. Basically, it’s a field that doubles the effect of every ally’s projectile that goes through it. This doesn’t only include damage to the enemies, but the healing too!

Baptiste in Overwatch

Of course, what everyone talks about is that Immortality Field. It’s quite obvious as to why this is considered overpowered. This possibly most valuable non-ultimate ability can be used for incredibly strong pushes forward and fortifications, with immortal allies.

We’ll see how things go. The thing is, the device that grants immortality can be destroyed. We speculate that it will probably be not hard to destroy as a balancing measure. As it is right now, Baptiste in Overwatch is an incredibly powerful character, but can be tweaked before he hits the wide release!

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