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JZ Design Game Case

When creativity gets driven by our need for entertainment, it can excel far beyond the boundaries of one’s career. A textbook example of this is Kai Heerings, a professional football player and the defender for the Dutch Eredivisie club Fortuna Sittard. The 29-year old is the man behind the JZ Design Game Case, an accessory that soon caused a must-have frenzy amongst professional athletes. So what’s the deal with Heerings Game Cases?

How did Heerings Game Case come to life?

Before glitter and shine came to be synonymous to the products description, an uncommonly modest beginning preceded it. Being a professional athlete does come with a price, as you amongst other difficulties have to endure constant life on the road. This set the first ideas for the JZ Design Game Case to be forged during the long bus drives from one training camp to the other. Heerings certainly felt that just a few hours of entertainment can make a whole difference to the on-road experience. With this in mind, he got to thinking with his brother-in-law, Jens van Zonneveld, and decided to try and make a case with an in-built screen and space for a console to fit in.

Kai Heerings Football

Primarily, Heerings did not have any commercial intentions for the Game Case, nor did he think it will turn out to be a business opportunity. However, his opinion was quick to change after he saw the reactions his teammates had to the mysterious suitcase he recently acquired. Everyone started asking questions and wanted a piece of the new toy. Just like that, first orders came rushing in.

JZ Design Game Case Ultrecht team

It was a safe bet to assume that this idea has some high potential, so his brother-in-law immediately got to business and made a couple of cases for players to buy. After this, everything started coming together for the two. As clubs’ loan or acquire players, the transfer seasons combined with the social media, especially Instagram, scattered the message through the football world and beyond.

How did the JZ Design Game Case achieve commercial success?

As players arrived at new clubs, so did the new orders. Soon enough, the word reached to former Chelsea F.C defender John Terry, who proceeded to contact the business via Instagram. He ordered multiple Game Cases, and this array set to be the first harsh lesson Heerings and Jens received. After assembling the cases, they went on to casually send them via PostNL.

The aftermath of this decision brought completely devastated cases to the customer, with parts popping out everywhere. Luckily, John Terry turned out to be highly reasonable and understood mistakes are bound to happen. They were quick to apologize and personally delivered the new ones to the Chelsea training camp.

JZ Design Heerings game case chelsea

A lesson well learned even came with an award, as their arrival brought up the attention of everyone present at the camp. Not even the “Special One”, Jose Mourinho was immune to the fever this accessory caused, as he went on to buy the case.

How did Heerings Game Case end up with the likes of Aguero, Messi, and Hamilton?

After this experience, the JZ Design Game Case was no stranger to the clubs nor athletes. The phone kept ringing, bringing in customers with needs for personal touches being added to the product.
One of those clients was no other than Sergio Aguero, who wanted a white Game Case being made for him.

Satisfied with the results, he brought his compatriot Lionel Messi to the story, ordering one for him as well. Personally, I would be happy with having received payments from both Aguero and Messi, but the list goes even further. Formula 1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are also included amongst the buyers. Verstappen even went on to be a client that regularly sends feedback on the product, helping the team improve.

EA Sports spotted great potential in the business and formed a partnership with the family company. This cooperation resulted in bringing a Game Case to every French national team player that participated in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

JZ Game Case Mbappe

Both Kai Heerings and Jens van Zonneveld continued pursuing their initial careers aside from this project, but hold high hopes that this family business will continue to flourish in the future. Expenses involved in the production of the JZ Design Game Case are still too high for Heerings, which results in prices being out of reach for most consumers. As they strive on the quality that comes with the product, they do not want to sacrifice their reputation in order to lower the cost. A solution to this they believe will be the growth of the company which will ultimately lower the retail price.

JZ Design Game Case Product Description

If you found this product intriguing and want to purchase it yourself, you should be warned that it does not come with a console. Of course, this is stated by the company.
However, you will get a 19” 1080p LED display for €699, or, if you prefer a bigger one, there is a 24” model that comes at a considerable price of €899. Aside from this, you can expect your Game Case to be equipped with Stereo Speakers, a power cable and space designed for holding your preferred console, two joysticks and games.

If you still feel something is missing from the product, there is a solution for some additional funds. You can add a full-color sticker for €169 or personalized printing to the Game Case for a price of €249. Assuming that you want a different colored case just like Aguero, an option for switching between different colors is not in the shop, but maybe you can contact the business for that one.

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