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Esports as a whole has gone through many phases and changes. Starting in the ’90s in Korea, it was a small organization of gamers who wanted to compete for some minor prizes. Naturally, people trained in their own homes and gathered in a certain place to show their skills. The Kinguin Esports Performance Center is something that emerged from the massively booming industry.

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The Progress of Training Facilities

This, as time went on, progressed to something called gaming houses. Basically, it is an idea where you assemble a team and put them all to live and play in the same housing. At one point, this is not bad because the players get to know each other, train orderly and enjoy their time together. However, as time goes, people simply grow up and want to live on their own.

Kinguin Esports Performance Center

Some time forward, we had Bootcamp facilities. This comes as Esports became even more serious as a source of income. Bootcamping is a process of getting the teams through intense practice sessions before big events. The important part of this, though, is that they are stationed in the place the event is going to take place – so the players get used to time zones and the environment.

Welcome to the Esports Performance Center

It’s 2019. Esports hasn’t been a small amateur event for a long time now…

Esports is now a completely legitimate path for someone’s career. There are people making hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars by professionally competing in this industry. As the competition grows, people need more and more advanced training strategies and equipment.

So, after Esports Houses and Bootcamp facilities, we have THIS. Located in Warsaw, Poland, Kinguin Esports Performance Center is a training facility fully decked out to suit the professional’s needs. Any player who comes to the city to compete professionally will have just about everything they need to adjust, acclimate and practice before their show.

Kinguin Esports Performance Center

It’s not only that the facility has 21,500 square feet with 8 conference rooms, a bar, 21 bedrooms, and more dedicated rooms. It has its own dietician, psychotherapist, and physiotherapist. So, basically, anything a player may need to improve and maintain their gameplay is present.

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Practice Rooms and Bedrooms

The Kinguin Esports Performance Center features 4 different fully-decked practice rooms. In the gaming spirit, each one of them has a dedicated name: Forge of Fire, Heart of the Abyss, Masters of Shadows, and Moving Mountains. Imagine saying: “We meet in the Heart of the Abyss tomorrow morning”!

Kinguin spared no expense in them. The practice computers are all cutting-edge, along with the most ergonomic chairs you can find. Two of the rooms even have touchscreens for coaches and analysts.

Esports players won’t have to waste their time going to hotels around the city, either. The EPC, as mentioned, features 21 bedrooms.

As some experts say, the easiest way to create a distraction-free environment for professionals to train is to provide a place for everyone to live and work in that period. Along with the convenience of not having to search for hotels, this was the primary goal for the Kinguin’s EPC.

Kinguin Esports Performance Center

Of course, Kinguin didn’t spare expenses here, either. The teams can choose single, double, and deluxe rooms for their players and staff. The double rooms have two beds and a closet and are the most economical. However, the single and deluxe rooms feature their own TVs and a PS4.

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On-site Staff

The 21,500 square foot facility is not only well equipped but is well staffed, too. As mental training is perceived as an important part of Esports, many teams chose to add a psychologist to their roster. The EPC is aware of this and chose to provide an in-house member for teams that may need one.

They didn’t stop there, though. When they already chose to look after the player’s mental health, they can’t forget physical health either. The Esports industry has a food stigma. Some perceive Esporters as… fairly large individuals with fast food wrappers and bottles all around the room.

Of course, professional teams simply don’t do this. Healthy eating and keeping the body check equals better performers. For this, Kinguin also added a registered dietician and a professional chef on staff.

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