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Many of us have been in a situation where our parents tell us to “get off that computer”. They mostly thought that gaming is a completely useless activity which will make you fail in life. Little did they know, that all those gamers will one day grow up to have their own money, which will make gaming a genuine industry. Now, we will talk about Korean Esports salary, from a country in which Esports was born.

This is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Not too long ago, when people first started receiving six-figure salaries, that was completely crazy. Today, salaries like that are even considered small as Esports players become actual stars.

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The most popular Esports game is League of Legends. 2018 budget for LoL players was 68.2%. Although PUBG and Overwatch are also quite popular, the core of the industry is still LoL. It has the most money invested in it and has developed the most throughout the years. A survey was conducted in 2018 with 82 LCK players for their salaries.

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The results said that the average salary was about 155.000 USD (170M Korean Won). Aside from their salaries, most players have other income, like prize money, streaming etc.

When it comes to age, the average was 20.8 in 2017. Of that, 19.6% were 22, and 17.6% were 20. For people this young, Korean Esports salary is rather big. It is said that a player’s capabilities already start declining during mid-twenties, and there were zero players in late-twenties as of 2017.

The average age is very young, and this means that the average experience players have is 2.8 years. This is really not a lot, and data says most players can’t get past their fifth year.


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