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LA Gladiators Stage 2 Week 2 Overwatch 2019 League

Los Angeles Gladiators have proved once again, that their success in no mere accident, as they emerge victorious in Stage 2 Week 2 of the Overwatch 2019 League.

Guangzhou Charge – Los Angeles Gladiators (0-4) Saturday, April 13

Facing Guangzhou Charge, Los Angeles Gladiators proved better, taking a victory. After the match, they had little time to lose and went straight back to thinking about their next game.
Guangzhou Charge is not known for being in great shape at the moment, as they fear a losing streak like this could mean missing a chance to play in the Season Playoffs.
Still, we have to hand it to them, they did put on a bitter fight and did try their best against a seemingly stronger opponent.

Los Angeles Gladiators – Los Angeles Valiant (2-1) Sunday, April 14

LA Gladiators Stage 2 Week 2 Overwatch 2019 League

Blizzard Arena, Los Angeles

After a short preparation, as the match took place a day after, everything was set up for the Battle of LA, where the series ended 2-1 in favor of Los Angeles Gladiators.

The first map ended in a swift victory for the LA Gladiators.

While the first game had a clear dominant side, in the second one, Valiant showed that they still are a team who can, if given the opportunity, overturn the tides, with the match ending in a draw.
The third map was full of excitement, as Gladiators went out with only one point ahead leading the teams into the final map. In the final map, the Finnish support “Ripa” proved he was no mistake for the Gladiators, as he played his debut map on the stage, where his team took the glory.

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This Victory has placed Los Angeles Gladiators second behind New York Excelsior. Week 2 marks a great start in Season 2 for the Gladiators, where they continue to march undefeated.

The “Battle of LA” was full of anticipation, as the Los Angeles Blizzard Arena stud divided between the two hometown sides. Cheers were heard from all corners of the arena, as the crowd could not be restrained, shouting “Wings Out!” and “Shields Up!”.

LA Gladiators Overwatch

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

In a post-game interview, Los Angeles Gladiators Tank, “rOar” spoke about how the overall ambient of the Arena affected his gameplay.

Loosing was not taken into consideration in front of a crowd like that, it was a win or nothing. He had thanked the fans for supporting the team with such passion and hopes that they will continue doing so as the times goes on.

After Stage 2 Week 2, we can conclude that the pre-season hype generated behind the Los Angeles Galaxy was no mere coincidence, as they proved trustworthy to their fans, and now have an opportunity to go undefeated through the entire Stage 2.

What Should we expect from week 3 of Overwatch 2019 League?

If they are to go undefeated, they will have to stand better against Florida Mayhem in the Week 3, of the competition.

Many are left to believe that this will not be a hard task for the Gladiators, as Florida Mayhem is still a team that has many ongoing improvements being done to their team. This taken into consideration, it will be hard for them to stand against a team that is already looking to take their place in the playoffs, and with this shape, they can even go on winning them!


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