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The  expectations for LCK Griffin were  to go undefeated in series during Spring 2019  having just barely beaten both of the other top 3 teams in their League in SKT and Sandbox just a week prior,   (in 2-1 and 2-0 fashions respectively) therefore their remaining 6 series were expected to be a cakewalk.

However this was not to be as when LCK Griffin encountered the, at time ,9th place team of Gen.G not only did they prove to be a challenge for Korea’s best thanks in part to their bot lane Vayne piloted by Ruler but also they did it cleanly taking the series 2-0 to the surprise of fans all over the world.

The week prior, on the 6th over in China the undefeated LPL team FunPlus Phoenix fell 2-1 to the reigning LPL Champions Royal Never Give Up, thus ensuring no teams in the 4 major regions would see an undefeated split record at least for the regular spring split.


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