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Almost 70% of the League of Legends 9.6 patch notes are about “ability proc consistency”. To make it clearer, this means that Riot Games tweaked how some spells are classified so they can now correspond with on-hit items and runes more efficiently.

Moving forward, on-hit effects are now fused together, meaning, if a skill triggers an on-hit effect of a rune, it will also do the same for items and the other way around.

Image credit: Riot Games

DoT, that also include AoE abilities, are also working on the same principal. When they were separated, this effect did not take place, but after the Patch 9.6 tweak, they work as one. This covers abilities such as Katarina’s, Fiddlesticks’, Anivia’s Ultimate, and other AoE abilities.

It is important to mention that abilities with both DoT and AoE that trigger on-hit effects will take lesser effect from this update. For example, if Fiddlesticks ults with Arcane Comet, the comet will do half of the damage, instead of full 10 percent, making it a decent balance.

League of Legends Patch 9.6Image Credit: Riot Games

What’s interesting is that pets can now do the same. Given the example, Elise’s Spiderlings will now proc the on-trigger effects, making her pets more useful throughout the game. Although Malzahar’s Voidlings did trigger on-hit effects such as Rylai’s before, now Riot has enhanced that all pets have the same ability.

We can say that we are happy with on-hit effect improvements, but we also know that Riot has a lot more to work on, to make League of Legends a great game as it can truly be.


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